August 22, 2017 3 min read

Every year there seems to be a new wakeboard that catches everyone eye and gets everyone talking. This year has been no different with new board shapes, constructions and materials going into an array of new and improved models and designs from the biggest brands in wake boarding.

We have scowered the new ranges from all the big players in Wakeboarding and put together a list of the new wakeboards that are peaking our interest for all the right reasons. Whether your unsure of what board to pick or are just looking to froth on the latest and greatest in wake boarding you have come to the right place.


A new pro model board is always a talking point in any new range. The 2018 Hyperlite RIOT is no different. The New Riot board is Noah Flegals well deserved first pro model shape. While Rusty has had Hyperlite's flagship shape for the past 5 seasons it is now time for the Young gun Noah to take the reigns and lead the fleet. His shape is the perfect mix of all your favorite Hyperlite boards. Taking notes from Rusty's board the Kruz with aggressive rails in the belly to aid soft landings and strong edge hold the new shape brings with it the wide tip and tail similar to a Murray board which is set to give it lighting fast acceleration and glide speed. In our opinion this board is what we have been asking for and we are pumped to see a new riders name on it.

For more specs and details check it out here -

Riot Nova , Riot Bio




Ronix Wake boards have been at the top of the game since their inception 11 years ago. Bringing unmatched finishes and materials never seen before in wake boarding they quickly raced to the top and made a name for breaking boundaries in the art of wake board design and manufacturing. Ronix is known for using an array of carbon fiber, combinations of wood and foam and many other techniques to supply the highest quality performance wake board possible. This range is no different for Ronix with a mix of carbon, PVC foam and wood throughout their range to deliver all the speed and pop you could ever ask for. The new material that got us talking was the carbon fusion rods in the New Ronix One Time bomb. From a far it seems like a slight deck mold in the tip and tail of the board, but up close you will soon see that there are two carbon fiber rods running from tip to tail of the board. These are set to give the board an explosive pop of the wake. For more info and specs on the new Ronix One Time bomb Check out the page here -

 2018 Ronix One Time bomb 

2018 Ronix One ATR







Self pro claimed "Pizza Boy" Massi Piffaretti has been making waves in the world of wake boarding for some time now. With UN matched style and innovative tricks he is extremely deservant of his first pro model. Ronix wake has released the Happy Hour, this is Massi's first ever board and we are pumped to see it in the line up with his name on it. It being Massi's signature board isn't the only reason this is getting us excited, The happy hour is set to be a bit of a change up to the Ronix line bringing back a high performance continuous rocker board which has been absent ever since the William was cancelled. We think that this board will fit perfectly into the line up offering all the Ronix tech you expect with the lightning fast glide speed of a continuous board. This is definitely one to keep an eye out for this summer.
Check it out here -

2018 Ronix Happy Hour Modello 




The Harley board has been the go to performance boat board for a very long time now. Its continuation as the Remedy continued its reputation, this year it has been given a revamp with the liquid force 4D tracks. The new tracks are set to give it a better flex zone through the board and a more responsive snap off the wake. If your looking for a predictable performance boat board the 2018 Remedy is the board of choice.


Check back on Obrien Release Day 7th September

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