STAFF PICKS - TOP 5 WAKE SURFERS FOR 2018-Trojan Wake Ski Snow

Wake Surfing is the fastest growing sector in water sports at the moment. With new materials, shapes and styles seen in the 2018 ranges here is the break down of our Top 5 picks for 2018.

Whether your buying your first wake surf or your a seasoned pro this guide will keep you up to date with all the latest boards and innovations from the biggest brands. 

2018 Ronix Potbelly Cruiser

Wake surfing is all about free flowing carves and having a good time. The New for 2018 Ronix Pot belly wake surfer has nailed this criteria. With a wide tail, smooth rounded rail and surf eps/epoxy construction  the cruiser can sit in the pocket and go for miles or pop a front side air. It is a board that can do it all from beginners to seasons surfers the cruiser is the perfect all rounder.

Check out the 2018 Ronix Potbelly Cruiser here



A common theme throughout the 2018 ranges from a selection of the biggest brands shows the introduction of fish tail wider style boards. The reason is simple, the increased surface area improves drive down the wake and the tail keeps the board feeling lively and nimble. The new Hyperlite Automatic wake surfer is a great all rounder. Its shape takes notes from the super popular trends in actual surfing where the shorter fatter fish boards have made a huge return to popularity because of their ease of use and high performance capabilities. If your looking for a board that can cut sick turns and also cruise this is the board for you.

Check out the 2018 Hyperlite Automatic here


The name says it all. The 2018 Ronix Super Fish is the perfect mix of performance and ease. It carries a huge amount of width through the nose and belly and then the fish tail keeps it lively and loose. Perfect for the bigger guys in a big size or sized down this board can out perform most. Whether you run it as a thruster for more drive or a twin for a loose free feel.

Check out the 2018 Ronix Powerfish here




With the Byerly Buzz a staple of the range for a long time and one of the top sellers in store the latest addition to the Byerly range has got us excited! The misfit has taken notes from the buzz and also the classic fish design. It has a tapered nose and carries a fair chunk of width right through the belly, as it gets to the tail it has a tapered stepped rain which gives is a huge amount of drive along with all the aggression and responsiveness you expect. This board seems to be a perfect mix for a high performance surf style board that can still break free for a skatey feel.

Check out the 2018 Byerly Misfit here


If you’re looking for a fast, loose, and light surf-style wake surf board, the new DART may be just the right ride for you! LF took what was already a great board and made it better for 2018. The new DART comes with a wider tail, slightly lower tail rocker and increased nose rocker, making it much faster with more glide than last year. In addition, these changes make it easier to turn with less hang-ups at the nose. With a lightweight EPS construction that is topped with a reinforce deck and carbon stringers, this board is built to perform and built to last!


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