Whether your looking to add a new weapon to your quiver or that one board to conquer any conditions on the mountain we have reviewed, tested and compiled a list of our top picks for the 2019 season.

With snowboarding trends constantly changing keeping up with the latest in technology and styles is a hard task. A common theme seen is the throwback to retro shapes and graphics through majority of brands. With directional boards, fish tails and alternative shapes it is all about having a stick that provides the most fun on the mountain.


Burton is one of the core snowboard brands heading the game with alternative shapes designed to shred any condition you can point it at. From deep powder runs in Japan to slushy park laps in Australia this board can do it all! 

Check what Burton has to say:

The 2019 BURTON Deep Thinker is the second iteration of the Danny Davis' super poppy, pow-friendly pro model, and in it's short tenure it has amassed a cult following around the globe, not just for its great design but its smile-inducing performance. The Deep Thinker is a directional cambered board that provides all mountain good times, engineered by Danny himself for precision response, power, and extra poppy performance in powder and out. If you have any doubts about the way this board rides check out some footage of Danny Davis, the board of choice for someone who rides like him could only provide the best of times.

If your looking for a board that could replace a whole quiver this is the one. Check out Olympic Gold medalist Red Gerad Shredding on the Deep Thinker.

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Scott Stevens is known as being one of the most innovative and creative snowboarders. With an arsenal of new tricks and alternative ways of looking at snowboarding his board is designed to be able to do anything the rider could think of. 

Often imitated but never duplicated, Scott Steven’s riding and personal style blow minds every year. As a master innovator and industry leader in new tricks, he has set himself apart in the snowboarding game. This extremely durable, versatile, twin-tip park destroyer is exactly what Scott uses to get wild. With a shape that turns on a dime, this board was made to jib, bonk, slide, shred, ride, slap, and pop off anything.

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What happens when you take a crew of park shredding snowboarders and mix it with possibly the most versatile and popular snowboard around? 
You get the Burton Kilroy Custom, This board is new for 2019 and is possibly the store top pick! A collaboration between the Kilroy Crew and Burton is aimed at creating a super versatile board that crushes park laps but can also handle all side hits and pow stashes across the mountain. It features a true twin shape while still having a cut off tail and pointed nose to keep it looking different. 

The 2019 BURTON Kilroy Custom is a fresh, more freestyle-focused take on a timeless classic. The Burton Custom has over 20 years of incredible riding under its belt, with time tested technology and proven performance making waves all over the snowboarding world. This special Kilroy edition strips back some features and makes the board more playful, while still retaining that famous Burton Custom performance. The Kilroy Custom looks incredible too, with unique tip and tail shapes and awesome graphics to match its awesome performance. These Kilroy boards are super limited and are sure to be sought after for years to come.

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