Sidas Insoles

Sidas Insoles-Trojan Wake Ski Snow

As much as your feet act as a natural shock absorber sometimes they need a little help and this is where sidas footbeds slip in to get the most out of your time on the mountain and minimise foot and leg strain with more support under your foot.

Everybodys foot is different from flat wider feet to narrow high arch feet so no snow boot will be a perfect choice for everyone. We can now measure your foot exactly and see where the pressure points are in your stance to determine your arch size and offer you a custom more comfortable and supportive sole for your boot. There are so many benefits to a supportive sole keeping not only your foot inline but your ligaments aswell.

Now don't limit these to just your snowboots, slip them into your everyday shoes, motorbike boots etc.

Come in and see us to get the perfect custom sole for your foot shape.