Radar 2018 Dealer Week

Radar 2018 Dealer Week-Trojan Wake Ski Snow

Radar 2018 Dealer Week

The Trojan Team and Team Skier Billy Bastian were lucky enough to be invited to the Radar Ronix 2018 Dealer week at the Radar Lake in Seattle Washington State. After a 16 Hour flight, we hopped in the big American dodge Ram and headed to the lake. As we went through the gates at the fabled Radar lake paradise was real. The Radar Ronix team had boats in the water, beers on ice and all the brand new 2018 products ready to go. Firstly, Radar Brand Manager Brooks Wilson took us through the 2018 Radar range and to say we were impressed was an understatement. These new products have us excited for summer to say the least.

We got to ski on all off Radars new range and safe to say all the boys ran PB’s behind the Mastercraft pro star on the slalom course. With pro skiers like Freddie Winter and KC Wilson around we got to see these new skis used to their full potential and these guys also helped with a bit of cheeky coaching to get us through the course. We then got to see how all the Vapors were hand made in the factory on radar lake. We went down and saw how skiing veteran Eddie who has been making skis for 50 years hand made and tested every single vapor that comes out of the mould. This process was incredible to watch and the attention to detail and quality was astounding. We then sat around the fire with a few Coors lights (well maybe more then a few) and chatted to Team skier and vapor designer Chris Rossi and he gave us some insight in how he designs and tests the vapor. We were amazed at how much co ordination and effort these guys put in to get these skis to such a prominent level. We then got to see these Vapors put to use in Herbs Cup which is an event Radar Ronix has been running in memory of Herb Obrien. We got to see skiers Freddie Winter, Chris Rossi, Steven Neveu,Corey Vaughn, Terry Winter and KC Wilson shred it up with Freddie taking the title with 5 balls at 10.25m.

We then got to go through the 2018 Ronix Wakeboard and Wake surf range with owner Paul O’Brien. Paul took us through all the range and were excited to see 3 new shapes in the wakeboard range and multiple new shapes in the surf range. You guys will just have to wait until August 15th to see them but to say the least we cant wait for you to see these new products. He talked to us in detail about their research and design process and production process and we couldn’t believe how much input went into designing these boards. This showed us what we always knew that Ronix products are made to the highest standards of performance and quality. We then went down to Ronix’s surf skunkworks and chatted to Jason Stanley and learned how he creates all the new shapes and hand shapes each specific test wakeboard and wakesurfer. The amount of prototyping and testing between Jason and Ronix’s team riders was astounding, this showed us why Ronix boards are the cream of the market. We then took a trip to Lake Sammamish where we had 15 of us  for a day of wake surfing. We got to ride all the new surf shapes with a huge surf wake and we were immensely impressed. The new shapes performed incredibly and have added even more performance and diversity to the already great range. We then shot back to the Radar Lake for some afternoon boarding and after riding the 3 new shapes lets just say were are looking forward to this summer on the water.

We then took a day trip with Radar Ronix Australian rep Stu Wilson to Radar Ronix HQ where we were taken through their warehouse and met all the team behind this brand. We learned about the graphic design areas, research and design, production operations and a lot more. We then cruised back to the lake for some more afternoon skiing. The next day we took a trip with Radar brand Manager Brooks Wilson and Mastercraft Global manager Chris Sulley to Seattle’s yearly event ‘Seafair’ where thousands of boats tie up to each other and float around lake Washington and watch the US Navy’s expert fighter jet flying team do an airshow above us. What a day!

All in all the week was incredible big ups to Radar Ronix for having us over there. We were so impressed with the time they showed us and with how much fun we had. Everyone was so hospitable and friendly and we left with new friends and many memories we will cherish for a long time. Again a big thanks to everyone that was involved, love from the Trojan crew we are happy to go back anytime.