2022 Nitro Snowboards Overview

2022 Nitro Snowboards Overview

2022 Nitro Snowboards Overview

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With the southern hemisphere winter fast approaching, we thought now is the perfect time to let you know about some of the excellent snowboards Nitro are offering this season. Nitro has been in the business for over 30 years now, and they're a company that prides itself on doing "things a bit differently". Believing in "their people", they have built a strong reputation and continue to supply some of the best snowboards available. Their snowboards are packed with features and technology, making them the perfect choice for your next trip to the snow. Adding to this are some of our favourite graphis for the season.. To help you make sense of the lineup for 2022, we run through each board's essential features, why they matter and who will benefit.

Nitro Women's Snowboards

Nitro Lectra Snowboard

The Nitro Lectra is a friendly, fun and affordable all-mountain snowboard. The ideal board for someone who is still learning and wanting to progress. The Lectra combines a directional shape and Flat-Out rocker for a versatile floaty ride. Flat-Out rocker is flat between the feet for moderate support with early rise in the nose and tail for increased float in powder and catch-free turning. The radial sidecut (one single radius from contact point to contact point) is not too aggressive, making it ideal for progression. Finally, the board has a durable extruded base that is easy to maintain, holds its speed well (if you're not waxing as often) and easy to repair. The entire nose to tail poplar wood core is lightweight and responsive.


Nitro Mystique Snowboard

The Nitro Mystique Snowboard is an affordable mid-flexing all-mountain board ideal for progression. The Mystique has a twin shape with a stance setback to help you float in powder. The Gullwing Rocker combines reverse camber (rocker) between the feet with standard camber under your bindings. This hybrid rocker profile offers more float and playfulness due to reverse camber, whereas the traditional camber underfoot maintains support and control when you need it. A radial sidecut (similar to the Lectra) is ideal for learning and progressing. Compared to the Lectra, the Mystique steps up the core with the Powercore II, including two full-length beech wood stringers for added responsiveness. If you're looking for an affordable mellow flexing everyday ride, then the Mystique should be on your list.


Nitro Mercy Snowboard

With a true twin shape and urban flex, the Nitro Mercy is the ideal board for the freestyle/park rider wanting a fun, affordable snowboard. Cam-Out Camber combines traditional camber in the middle of the board for control with early lift playfulness in the nose and tail. The early lift in the nose and tail will help you float in the powder, press on rails and butter. The Dual Degressive sidecut has a tighter radius between the feet that mellows in the nose and tail. The tighter radius between the feet helps you stay locked into carves, whilst the mellower radius in the tip and tail makes entering and exiting turns a breeze. With the same Powercore II as the Mystique, The Mercy steps up the durability with Ureshred Sidewalls and Railkiller Edges. Ureshred sidewalls made from polyurethane are more durable than standard sidewalls. Ideal for the park rider, the Railkiller Edges are twice as thick as typical edges so that they can take a knock in the park. Rounding things out is an extruded base making this a fun and affordable park board.


Nitro Fate Snowboard

The Fate is Nitro's best selling women's snowboard, and for a good reason. This all-mountain board comes full of features and at a great price point, making it a versatile all-terrain board for progression. A directional twin shape combined with their Cam-Out Camber is a versatile combination offering the perfect blend of float, pressablility and control. Like the Mercy, the Fate has a Dual Degressive sidecut for hold in your turns and easy turn initiation/exit. The poplar core has been milled between the binding insert packs for enhanced torsional flex whilst maintaining response and control. Added Torsional flex allows for control and easier turn initiation. The premium Sintered base is faster and will hold more wax making this the ideal do-it-all board for the intermediate to advanced rider.


Nitro Men's Snowboards

Nitro Prime Raw Snowboard

The Nitro Prime Raw Snowboard is an affordable all-mountain board, but don't be put off by the lower price point; this is still a high performing board with a softer flex pattern. The directional shape has a longer nose allowing for more float. The board has a Flat-Out Rocker, predominantly flat with early rise in the nose and tail for catch-free riding and forgiving turns. The poplar wood core is lightweight and responsive. Rounding things out is a durable Extruded base that is easy to maintain, holds its speed well (if you're not waxing as often) and easy to repair. All up, the Prime Raw is an excellent option for the budget-conscious beginner to intermediate riding wanting to have fun all over the mountain.


Nitro Optisym Snowboard

The Optisym Snowboard is brand new for this session, It's available in both standard, and the Optisym x Drink Sexy versions. This true twin is a fun freestyle board for jibbing your way around the mountain. The "sym" in the name is short for asymmetric, meaning this board has a tighter heelside sidecut radius compared with the toeside. Not surprisingly, the way we turn and apply pressure to our board edges differs from heelside to toeside, so why should both edges be the same? An asymmetrical shape has a tighter heelside sidecut allowing for improved heelside turning, which helps even out the differences between heelside and toeside turns. Cam-Out Camber combines the stability of a traditional camber in the middle of the board with an early rise in the nose and tail for improved buttering, float and catch-free riding. A Dual Degressive sidecut has tighter radii between the feet, helping you stay locked into carves, whilst the mellower radius in the tip and tail makes entering and exiting turns easy - the perfect sidecut for playful freestyle curving. The Optisym steps up the core with Powercore II combining a poplar wood core with two beech wood stringers for a light and lively ride. For all the park riders out there, you'll be happy to know this board has enhanced sidewalls and edges. The Ureshred Sidewalls are stronger than typical sidewalls, and the Railkiller Edge's are twice as thick - ideal for rails and jibbing. The extruded base is easy to maintain and durable, suitable for the rider wanting a fuss-free base.


Nitro T1 Snowboard

A staple in Nitro's lineup for 19+ years, the T1 Snowboard is the ideal choice for all the park riders out there. The Twin shape with Cam-Out Camber (see Optisym above) is the perfect combination of control and butterability. Like the Optisym, the T1 has Cam-Out Camber, Powercore II, Whiplash Core Profile, Ureshred Sidewalls and Railkiller Edges. The Whiplash Core Profile has been milled out between the bindings making it thinner and more torsionally flexible - Resulting in better control whilst maintaining responsiveness. The base gets an upgrade to Nitro's Sintered Speed Formula HD Base for superior wax absorption and lighting fast riding.


Nitro Team Gullwing Snowboard

The Nitro Team Snowboard is one of the best selling boards in the Nitro lineup, so it's no surprise it's a team favourite. It has the perfect blend of features and technology for riding all over the mountain. Gullwing Rocker combines reverse camber mid-board with traditional camber under both feet for a playful yet responsive ride. Reverse camber makes the board playful and offers more float. Whilst traditional camber under the bindings enhances support and response when you need it. The Dual Degressive sidecut has a tighter radius between the bindings for good hold when carving, but the mellow radius in the tip and tail allows for a more forgiving entry and exit to your turns. The full poplar Powerlite Core is milled down to a thinner profile between the bindings for enhanced control and torsional flex whilst maintaining responsiveness. Finally, the Sintered Speed Formula HD Base will hold wax better for a faster, durable ride.


Nitro Team Wide Snowboard

With similar construction and features as the Team Gullwing Snowboard mentioned above, the Team Wide Snowboard is ideal for riders with bigger feet. The Nitro Team Wide Snowboard differs from the Team Gullwing with its traditional camber and extra width. This board has traditional camber for a responsive ride and control when carving. So if you are looking for a great allrounder but have big feet, this board is a great option.


Nitro Team Pro Snowboard & Nitro Team Pro Wide Snowboard

Available in standard and wide versions, the Team Pro Snowboard is the perfect choice for riders wanting a little extra performance out of their board. Sharing many similarities with the Team snowboard mentioned above, this board has been upgraded for more control, pop and speed. The Team Pro features a traditional camber and Reflex Core Profile giving you that snap and flex you need. Diamond Bands have been included for increased pop and response. The upgraded Sintered Speed Formula II Base is the quickest base Nitro offer.

Team Pro
Team Pro Wide

Nitro Squash Snowboard

The Nitro Squash Snowboard has a distinctive tapered swallowtail shape. This board is designed to float in powder with a wider and longer nose than the tail. However, the board remains versatile and will be great for driving craves on the groomers whilst you are waiting for the next storm to arrive. The Squash has Nitro's Progressive sidecut, meaning the sidecut is mellower in the nose then gets progressively tighter in the tail (hence the name). The tighter sidecut in the rear offers more control when turning, but the mellow sidecut up the front helps with turn initiation and maintaining speed. The Powercore II has a standard profile and beech stringers for a responsive ride. Traditional camber is the perfect choice for carving in any conditions. Rounding things out is a fast Sintered base so you can be lapping your mates on the next powder day. If you are looking for a board for carving and riding powder, this is the perfect board for you.


Nitro Banker Snowboard

Built for speed and to hold an edge, the Nitro Banker is the board of choice for team rider Bryan Fox when competing in banked slalom competitions. The board has a directional shape, stiffer flex and traditional camber, making it ideal for aggressive snowboarders riding groomers, banked slalom and powder fields alike. The Progressive sidecut is perfect for holding an edge in all conditions, and the mid-wide width means you don't have to worry about catching your toes/heels on the snow when you lean into a turn. Nitro has included its Reflex Core Profile technology to balance this board's stiffness. The board has a slightly thinner profile between the bindings allowing for better turn initiation whilst maintaining stiffness. The Sintered Speed Formula II Base is the fastest base Nitro offer. This stiffer, more responsive board is ideal for the intermediate to advanced rider wanting to ride fast and carve hard.


More Information

Nitro has a great lineup of boards for the upcoming session. They have a board for everyone and every style. You can check out all the Nitro boards in stock at Trojan WSS on our Nitro Snowboard page. If you are new to snowboarding or need some help understanding the difference between camber and rocker, we recommend reading our Snowboard Buyer's Guide and our Guide To Snowboard Cambers. We are a one-stop snowboard shop with a great range of snowboarding gear. Get in contact with our friendly team if you'd like to learn more.