New 2020 Salomon Snowboards

New 2020 Salomon Snowboards-Trojan Wake Ski Snow

Salomon Boards
Not even April yet and the 2019 Salomon boards are on our shelves and ready to be a part of your next set up! Whether it’s a park, powder or an all-rounder Salomon have you covered. Here is some of the range:

A board that can tackle groomers and park obstacles with ease. Perfectly balanced flex to lock into rails and presses as well as the insane lightness and stability for carving up groomed runs. These features found in the Villain make this board an unbeatable all round beast. 

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Ladies this one is for you! With detuned tip and tail making this board a lot more user friendly and can cruise through the park with ease. Featuring a sintered base you know you’ll have a fast and durable board for the seasons to come. Without a doubt a staff favourite and not to mention the eye catching graphic!

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The 2020 Salomon super 8 is a true free-ride warrior. Putting powder under your back foot and float in the nose gives you an effortless powder shredding board. Don’t be fooled by the super 8s powder ability it provides a strong speedy ride on hard pack snow as well!

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Living up to the PRO name the Huck knife provides a fast, smooth and responsive ride every time. Extra dampening and stiffer flex giving you maximum comfort and control down the mountain and through the park.

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