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2022 Jones Snowboards Overview

Troian WSS is excited to be stocking Jones Snowboards this season. Jones is a brand that shouldn't need an introduction. If you have spent time on the mountain, you probably know about the brand and the iconic rider behind the name. Jones (the brand) has established a reputation for providing innovative products whilst reducing their impact on the environment. Jones (the rider) has established a reputation for iconic big mountain lines, spine riding and remote locations. This big mountain riding is on display in Jeremy Jones' movie trilogy Deeper, Further, Higher. After watching, you will understand what drives the brand - a passion for and deep connection to being in the mountains. And this is reflected in the all-mountain, freeride, and pow surfing snowboards you can find in Jones' lineup.

New Boards and Major updates for 2022

Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard

New for this season, the Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard is already generating a lot of hype and for a good reason. Part of a recent trend toward twin powder boards, the Mind Expander Twin is perfect for slashing powder, spinning tricks and riding switch. This board blends the surf-inspired shape of the popular Mind Expander (see below) with the versatility of a directional twin shape. If you've always wanted more float when riding switch, this is a must-have board.

This board is characterised by its friendly flex, tight sidecut and surf camber, making this board snappy and responsive to turn. The surf camber combines camber underfoot with extended rocker zones in the nose and tail, providing lift and maneuverability in powder and edge hold. Grip is enhanced with Traction Tech 3.5, and the progressive sidecut means you transition into and of turns with ease. Finally, the blunt nose shape gives the benefits and float of a much longer nose without the extra swig weight. All this is topped off with some great graphics, and the black base will be easy to fix when you damage it by jibbing off that fallen tree in your next pow line.

Jones Aviator 2.0 Snowboard

Having been around for a while, the Aviator was due for a facelift, and the new version is an exciting addition to the Jones lineup. In collaboration with team riders Victor de la Rue and Jimmy Goodman, Jones has delivered a completely redesigned Aviator 2.0. The new Aviator 2.0 is a full camber hard-charging directional twin. When redesigning the board, Victor and Jimmy both wanted the power of full camber, which provides precise control and edging on steep terrain and stability landing big tricks. 3D Contour Base 2.0 helps eliminate nasty edge catch and, combined with the progressive sidecut, delivers fluid turn initiation and exit. When the conditions are less than ideal, chop and chunder can send nasty vibrations from your nose down the board. The new Koroyd core material provides damping and reduces swing weight for a smooth ride.

Women's Snowboards

Jones Dream Catcher Womens Snowboard

The Dream Catcher women's snowboard is a performance all-mountain board perfect for charging in powder or on the groomers. However, the friendly flex makes this board soft enough to be playful in whatever terrain the day throws up at you. Consisting of a directional shape and directional hybrid rocker/camber profile, you will float like a bird when the snow is deep. The Traction Tech 2.0 edges and camber underfoot provide stability and grip in difficult or icy conditions. The 3D contoured spooned nose and tail reduce edge catch, giving you the confidence you need to charge on the super fast and durable Sintered 8000 base.

Jones Twinsister Womens Snowboard

If you're in love with the Jones ethos, but you're after an all-mountain board capable of riding everything from the park to powder, then the Twinsister Women's Snowboard is a great choice. This playful all-mountain board has a twin flex pattern and blunt tips, perfect for riding switch, jibbing and spinning. The CamRock profile and friendly flex offer enough support for riding fast and floating in powder, yet it is playful enough to take in the terrain park. Traction Tech edges will keep you on your feet when the snow firms up, and the 3D contour base spoon bevel in the nose and tail make this a catch-free ride.

Men's Snowboards

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard

By far the most freestyle focused board in the Jones range, the Mountain Twin is perfect for jumping, jibbing and slashing your way around the resort. If you like to treat the whole resort as a skate park, this is the board. The CamRock profile and directional twin shape is perfect for pressing on features and popping, yet maintains plenty of lift in the pow and maintains stability at higher speeds. When the conditions get icy, Traction Tech edges will keep you locked in, whilst the 3D Contour base makes this a catch-free ride. If you're lapping the park, chasing pockets of powder or cruising around the resort, the Mountain Twin is a high-performance all-mountain twin capable of doing it all. Finally, it will be hard not to get inspired to ride when you're looking down at the graphics on this board, and it's another beauty from Jones.

Jones Ultra Mountain Twin Snowboard

What do you get if you take the features and performance of the Mountain Twin and supercharge it? The Ultra Mountain Twin! The perfect weapon for experts looking for a board that can handle high speeds and big tricks outside the park. Upgrades over the Mountain Twin include an ash wood veneer topsheet, bamboo stringers and basalt stringers. The ash wood veneer topsheet, which doubles as a protective layer and additional reinforcement, helps reduce chatter (and looks great in the process). Also, the core gets an upgrade with bamboo stringers for extra pop and snap. Sustainable basalt stringers improve torsional responses and transfer power to the areas you need. All in all, the Ultra Mountain Twin is for committed riders needing a precision board for charging fast and going big.

Jones Frontier Snowboard

Are you having a snowboard identity crisis? Are you craving backcountry powder but still like to throw a few sneaky terrain park laps in on powder days? Then the Frontier might be the solution for you. This directional freeride board is the perfect all-round resort daily driver. It combines a freeride nose with a freestyle tail for the best of both worlds. The hybrid Directional Rocker has more rocker in the nose than tail for extra float and improved maneuverability, whilst the camber underfoot provides stability and response. Traction Tech improves grip edge grip when the conditions get icy, and the progressive sidecut creates smooth turn initiation and exit. The Jones Frontier is a serious contender for the perfect one board quiver. Ideal for freeride, freestyle and backcountry pow, this will get the job done every time.

Jones Stratos Snowboard

The Stratos is a modern all-mountain board perfect for carving, freeriding and freestyle. Described by Jones as a board "board built with the body of a directional freeride board and the spirit of a freestyle board". A narrow sidecut and friendly flex create a playful feel, while the 3D contoured base and 10mm of taper provide the float and performance you'd expect from a dedicated powder board. The Traction Tech edges and directional hybrid rocker/camber profile maintains edge grip and control and makes this a great board for carving. Basalt stringers enhance torsional response helping eliminate chatter resonating from the nose down the board and under your feet. Directional snowboards with unique shapes are hot right now, and this offering from Jones could be one of the most versatile boards for all conditions.

Jones Flagship Snowboard

The Flagship is the pinnacle of the Jones range and is the perfect board for technical terrain and powerful freeriding. A directional hybrid camber/rocker combined with Traction Tech provides exceptional grip and control in hard snow. Yet, the 3D Contour Base and tapered shape give this board excellent float in powder. A combination of engineered wood top-sheet, Flax/Basalt Power Stringers and hardwood bamboo stringers add torsional response, pop, durability and damping in all conditions. If your the type of rider that likes to carve hard, stomp landings off big backcountry features and straight-line chutes with precision, you need a flagship under your feet.

Jones Mind Expander Snowboard

Part of a new wave of boards designed for alternative all-mountain riding, the Jones Mind Expander won't just open your mind. It will open up the mountain to new possibilities. This board suits the creative riders that seamlessly blend aspects of freestyle, freeride and surf staples as they slash every feature on the hill. The Surf Rocker profile has a long drawn out rockered nose, and combined with the large nose, provides plenty of playful float in powder. Yet, the tight sidecut provided plenty of maneuverability in tricky situations. The Bamboo Surf Core, Basalt Power Stringers and Traction Tech edges provide plenty of response. Finally, the Carve Pack inserts offer a more centred stance option for ripping on groomers and hard-packed snow. If you like to get creative and need a board that can keep up, the Surf inspired shape designed by Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones is a perfect choice.

Tracktion Tech Explained

You might've noticed that the term "Traction Tech" is used to describe the edges on Jones snowboards, and if you're wondering what it means, here's a quick explanation. Traction Tech improves edge grip by introducing bumps along the edges. These bumps create multiple contact points along the edge, allowing you to lock in a solid edge, particularly in hard and icy conditions. You will find a few different versions in the Jones range, so check out the product descriptions for more details.

Protecting Our Winters.

There is no doubt about it; many resources and energy go into manufacturing and transporting a snowboard. Conscious of this, Jones has progressively developed new materials and sustainable manufacturing processes to use on their products. So if you're concerned about your impact on the environment, you'll be happy to know many boards in the Jones lineup include:

  • Eco-plastic topsheets made from Castor beans.
  • Sustainable Flax/Basalt Stringers made with 100% natural fibres.
  • Bio Resin is a bio-based epoxy made with 27% plant-based carbon instead of petroleum-based carbon.
  • Recycled ABS Sidewalls.
  • Oversized Recycled steel Edges.
  • Factory waxed with Wend Natural Wax.
  • Flip-Flop Bases to reduce P-Tex waste.
  • The Jones Factory is powered by solar energy.

And the list goes on. Even if the environment is not a concern for you, Jones backs all their boards with a two-year warranty plus one extra year free, so you can have confidence you'll get plenty of life out of their boards.

More Information

Jones has a great lineup of boards suitable for freestyle, freeriding, pow surfing and everything in between. You can check out all the Jones boards we stock on our Jones page. If you are new to snowboarding, read our Snowboard Buyer's Guide and our Guide To Snowboard Cambers to help get you started. We are a one-stop snowboard shop with a great range of snowboarding gear. Get in contact with our friendly team if you'd like to learn more.

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