April 09, 2019 1 min read

Own a PWC? Well here are some essentials to ensure you have a fun and safe time the next time you put your Jetski in the water.

Floating Wristband
A day can turn south very quickly if you lose your lanyard; Put your mind at ease with a Jetpilot floating wristband. Super comfortable lightweight neoprene and adjustable Velcro strap. Simply attach your lanyard to the D-ring and your good to go.

Pulling up somewhere? With a range of options for keeping your ski stationary finding the right one is easy. Storing them in your ski has never been so easy with fold away options and the sand anchor taking up minimal space.

Fluke anchor        Sand anchor 

Tie off to the Dock without the worry of damaging your hull. These fenders are easy to attach and adjust to suit your PWC.

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A 3 point tie down system ensures no movement when towing your jetski to the next location. 

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