July 05, 2019 2 min read

Waxing your snowboard is incredibly easy once you have the right tool, and you know what you are doing. 

You will need 

  • Base cleaner
  • Scraper
  • Wax
  • Waxing iron
  • Waxing brush both course and gentle one (we use brass and horse hair) 


Step One: 

Use some base cleaner and start scrubbing the bottom of your board. Spend some time on this to ensure the wax your about to apply has the best chance of staying on.



Step 2: 

Applying wax

Heat up your waxing iron and begin pressing the wax against the iron. Once the wax starts dripping you want to start moving around the board leaving drops of wax, focus along the outside of the board the up the middle. 


Step 3: 

Spread the wax

Much like ironing a shirt you want to spread the wax, covering the entire board make sure to get out the the edges 


Step 4: 

After letting the wax sit for at least an hour. You now need the scrape off the excess wax, To do this you want to do long strokes up and down the board with your scraper. Try holding the scraper as evenly as possible to avoid creating any pressure points. 


Step 5: 

Starting with a course brush (brass) 

Again using long strokes up and down the board applying a fair amount of pressure. Try keeping the brush straight and consistant. You should start seeing lines on the board.


Step 6: 

repeating step 5 but this time with your finer styled brush to smooth off all the wax and even it all out. Once this step is complete your board should look super smooth and ready to shred!

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