Whether you’re a seasoned skier or snowboarder, or just starting out, there's one thing that you absolutely can't do without: high-quality snow gear. 

When it comes to staying warm, dry and comfortable on the mountain, GORE-TEX is an absolute no brainer. This highly advanced fabric technology has been keeping outdoor enthusiasts safe and comfortable for decades, with its unparalleled combination of waterproofness, breathability, and durability. 

Let's take a closer look into all things GORE-TEX, and why it’s an essential for pro riders around the world, and an industry favourite in the unpredictable weather conditions of our Aussie mountains.

What is GORE-TEX?

GORE-TEX now comes in two different fabric technologies, divided between the traditional waterproof “Black Diamond” GORE-TEX and the water-resistant “White Diamond” GORE-TEX INFINIUM products. All GORE-TEX products can be identified by the below tags to help you find the product that is right for you and your adventure.

GORE-TEX: Guaranteed to Keep You Dry

GORE-TEX Black Diamond is the original proprietary waterproof and breathable product line, and is the most commonly used out of the two from the GORE range in snow specific products.

The foundation of GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable products is the strong and microporous expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane, which is placed between two layers of durable tear and puncture resistant fabric.

The ePTFE has been stretched 800% to create a porous structure, where the pores are too small for water droplets to pass through, however large enough to allow water vapour molecules to escape. To be exact: the pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule.

To put this simply, water cannot penetrate the membrane from the outside, however, sweat and moisture vapour from the inside can escape, keeping you dry and comfortable all day long. 

The GORE-TEX “Black Diamond” range is currently available almost head to toe. The revolutionary fabric is available in jackets, pants, gloves, mid-layers and shoes, in a huge variety of different styles and brands to ensure there is a product for everyone, and so that you can stay 100% dry and comfortable head to toe.

The Heart of GORE-TEX Products (English)

GORE-TEX INFINIUM: Comfort and Performance

GORE-TEX Infinium products, identified by the “White Diamond” logo, are designed for weather resistant comfort and performance, rather than complete waterproofness.

Infinium garments are designed with a persistent beading surface to create a water resistant outer layer that can repel light rain and snow, whilst still being a light and soft to the touch fabric. The garment is also totally windproof to avoid wind chill, but still breathes and allows moisture to escape to prevent clamminess.

The Infinium technology is used primarily in glove liners, but also in mid layers as well. These products are made with stretch technology, and are made to be slim fitting for dexterity, but also soft and comfortable to the touch. 

This new design allows for a glove liner that you can use with your smartphone, whilst being totally windproof, water resistant and breathable, and fit so well you never want, or need, to take them off. 

Difference between original GORE-TEX and GORE-TEX INFINIUM™️ products

The Australian mountain climate can be unpredictable and changeable, with cold temps, strong winds, heavy snowfall and blue skies all in one day. GORE-TEX is ideal for these conditions as it provides reliable protection from the elements, whilst still being breathable enough to allow moisture to escape from the body, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable, and allows for your only focus to be on riding all day long.

Whether you’re a global ski adventurer or a local legend, you need the right gear to enjoy the mountain for all it has to offer. When it comes to staying dry and warm on your next winter adventure, look no further and make sure you gear up with the best: GORE-TEX.

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