Getting Ready For Summer

Getting Ready For Summer

Trojan Summer Checklist

Time to uncover your boat and start preparing for a summer filled with waterskiing and wakeboarding in Australia? No doubt it’s been a while since you kicked your boat over, we’ve been quiet on the Hawkesbury River and guaranteed some cobwebs have formed in our gear. 

So to avoid getting caught out with missing equipment or needing a tow back to the boat ramp, we’re here to help with a checklist of non-negotiables to make sure the start of boating season goes off without a hitch (You’ll thank us later!)

Your gear! 
  • Ropes for tubingwaterskiing and wakeboarding get put under a heap of pressure and spend significant time baking in the sun. Check them over and look for any frays and general wear on the grips.
  • Regardless if you have a nylon or neoprene (wetsuit) lifejacket, they can start to perish, check over stitching (inside and out), zips, and belt buckles! Make sure yours is stamped with the correct standards required for your state or territory.
  • Bindings need to be checked over including laces, screws, rubber, stitching, tightening toggles, or BOA’s. It’s a good idea to carry a spare set of bolts (to attach to your waterski or wakeboard) and laces. 
  • Feel over the edges of your waterski, wakeboard, and wakesurfer. If there is any minor damage get on top of it now, small patches might help you get some extra life out of your deck. 

Boat Safety Equipment For Closed Waters In NSW

Wakeboard and waterski boat horns aren't just to help celebrate when your rider has learnt a new trick! They are a legal requirement as with:

  • Anchor with chain/line
  • Bucket & rope 
  • Bilge pump 
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Oars/ paddle (under 6 metres)
  • A waterproof torch that works and floats! 
  • Correct life jackets for every passenger 

Because accidents do happen, we suggest you invest in a good first aid kit and make sure your boat's kill switch lanyard is attached and your driver uses it correctly.

Check NSW Boat Safety Rules Here

Boats don’t just run off “thanks” and petrol, now is the time to book your boat in for a service or do the bare minimum - check your oil! Your local boat mechanics will start to get busy when the weather warms up, get in early to beat the rush! 

While you are there get them to check your trailer lights, tires, brakes, and wheel bearings. Nobody wants to be that person that almost made it to the ramp.

The things you might not have thought about that should be standard in any boat are bumpers/fenders for when you want to raft up with your mates or park up on the dock. 

Also, sunscreen, something you are better to be looking at than for, especially because your pale mates aren’t going to bring it and the kids are going to need it.