August 28, 2020 2 min read

The Follow Inflatable boat dock has to be the best boat accessory we have used. Keeping your boat in good condition can be a little hard with pulling up to banks and having people with muddy and sandy feet climb all over boat not to mention the scuff marks on the nose of your hull that you have to look at every time you put your boat on the trailer. See the dock in use here

Setting up 

Setting up the Follow boat dock is as simple as finding your location, Blowing it up with the pump provided and securing it into position with some stakes. We had the boat dock set up on a private lake for a few days and it held its position really well.

Attaching and detaching the boat. 

Coming into the follow inflatable boat dock is easy, Just come in slow and let the dock catch you into position. Once the boat is in the dock simple step out the front or the side (if you have the side attachment) The simply clip the hook onto your boat that is attached to the dock to secure it.  

Side Dock Attachment

This was super handy not only for getting into the boat from the side but for easy access to the wakeboards and wakesurfers we had in the tower of the boat. No standing on the seats or twisting tower racks around simply walk up and do what you have to do. This falls back to follows idea of quality and simplicity. This side dock attachement is also a great idea if you and a mate combine you boat docks together and this will create a walk way between the two boats.

 Buy the dock and the side as a combo here


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