2020 Follow Season 9

2020 Follow Season 9-Trojan Wake Ski Snow
With such a simple goal of building better product it’s the reason Follow are dominating the market.
Follow has afamily of riders all over the globe that ensures new ideas and progression in the sport we all love.

Staying true to their earliest motivations and despite such a short turnaround time for their 2020 products there is absolutely nothing lacking in quality, features and style.

Comfort is key and picking up a follow handle instore will instantly make you feel at home. Carefully selected materials go into and make up Follow's range of ropes and handles.  A wakeboard handle has never felt so good with a foam injected handle and sued grip finish.
A mainline that meets performace and functionalty, Follow brought us the fusion line. A lightweight 4mm floating mainline that brings perfect line tension to your every ride. 
Wearable towels have made Keeping warm so easy and stylish at the same time.  
If any water gets in be sure to get it out. Drainage holes located in the calves of a follow wetsuit allowing any excess water a way out.
With all these features and colourways in the range, Can't help but be excited for the 2020 Life Jackets to hit our shelves.