2023 Ronix Wakeboard Range

2023 Ronix Wakeboard Range

2023 Ronix Wakeboard Range

The new Ronix 2023 Wakeboard Range is here and what an amazing line up Ronix have brought to us this season. Keep an eye out for the new shapes and technology changes

2023 Ronix RXT wakeboard

The Ronix RXT is back again for this year. Although nothing has changed besides a graphic update for this season, This is still the fastest and lightest board in the Ronix line. Full continuous rocker with added speed walls gives the RXT the speed it is known for. The RXT is a stiff board so you can really attack the wake and land in the flats. This is made for someone that wants a fast and aggressive ride. 

2023 Ronix One Blackout Technology Wakeboard

For 2023 Ronix radically reduced the weight on the One Blackout, an already high-performance board, providing even more kick than previous versions. A board endorsed by one of the sports greats - Nic Rapa - was created for the ultimate hangtime off big wakes and also rides well for those new to the sport riding behind smaller wakes. The One shape was recently widened for a bigger sweet spot and added stability, that also can plane easier at slower speeds. Our most popular high-end series 17 years running is the perfect blend of added vertical explosion leaving the water and a smooth ride on top of it. A refined freeride feel continues in our lightweight, advanced Blackout Construction.

2023 Ronix District / Quarter till' Midnight Wakeboard

Undoubtedly the most user friendly wakeboards on the market. The District and the QTM are our most demoed wakeboard simply because it works. The only board to feature a 3 stage and continuous rocker all in one. Anyone that hops on this board feels at home straight away. A very progressive shape that will work for anyone learning their first trick or landing something new. The perfect board to have in the boat for everyone. 


2023 Ronix Vault / Krush Wakeboard

If you're looking for an effortless board the Vault or the Krush is for you! It has heaps of feedback with the water, less swing weight in the air, and easy transitioned turns. It is easy to cut in on the heels and launch across the wake, learning to cut toe side takes a lot more time and the shorter effective edge and deeper rails on the toe side allow the rider to take control and cut right through the wake's toe side. The perfect first board that will help the rider to progress much faster and also reduce those hard falls!

2023 Ronix Supreme Wakeboard

A new hybrid rocker for this years Supreme, as well as a thinner profile mixed with full length speed walls. A perfect blend for that vertical air take off and softer lands with added flat spot. Jake and Tyler's favourite features so you know they will work. 

2023 Ronix Rise Wakeboard 

The new Rise features a lightweight reactive construction tailored to our women’s specific shape endorsed by the up-and-coming rider - Mary Morgan. When Mary found out she was going to have the opportunity to work on a new board the first thing she did was start a survey on social media asking what women riders want in a high-end board. The results were unreal - develop the lightest board possible, create a fast board that is responsive but won’t ever create a steep edge hold, and make sure the design prevents the rider from generating too much load line.