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2022 Capita Snowboards Overview

It's almost that time of the year, the weather is starting to cool down, and I can practically smell the fresh hot wax already (snowboard wax, that is). So what better time to introduce you to the range of Capita Snowboards for 2022. Capita is known for its exceptional quality and top-class graphics. But unlike many other brands, Capita has its own manufacturing facility in Austria - The CAPiTA Mothership. Whilst many brands have gone offshore to reduce manufacturing costs, Capita is still hand-crafting boards in Austria with 100% clean energy. The quality of their boards reflects this approach.

This season sees the return of many Capita favourites with all the refinements, tweaks, and updated graphics keeping them at the top of their game. To help you decide on your next board, we round up and discuss a few of our favourite Capita boards. But first, we will have a quick look at camber types available across the range of capita boards, as this is always a good starting point when thinking about your next board.

Capita Camber Types

As much as we all love good graphics on a snowboard, and it can influence your decisions, you should probably be paying more attention to the board's camber type. Different camber types can affect how the board behaves on snow and determines the ideal riding style/terrain. Nowadays, most brands have a range of camber types through their broad lineup to suit a wide range of styles and conditions. Generally speaking, reverse camber (or rocker) floats better in powder, is more playful/forgiving and catch-free. In contrast, camber offers more pop, responsiveness and control whilst carving. Nowadays, you will find various combinations for specific conditions and riding styles. Don't forget this is only one part of the puzzle; many other factors (including stiffness and shape) will also influence the board's behaviour.

Capita divides their camber styles into a few different types. Their park cambers are ideal for jibbing and park riding. They will also be suitable for less experienced riders wanting a catch-free ride. As the name suggests, a Resort camber is ideal for riding your local resort. These are a versatile option, and ideal for freestyle/park riders through to all-mountain/freeride riders or someone wanting a one board quiver. Finally, Capita's Alpine profiles are ideal for freeriding, steep terrain and powder. Alpine types have directional camber with reverse camber (rocker) in the nose, offering float in powder with camber underfoot for control. Below is a quick summary of Capita's camber types and selected boards to help you navigate the most suitable Capita boards for your style/experience.

Park V1 Profile

Capita's Park V1 Profile has all the benefits of camber with a less catchy ride. Mostly positive camber allows for pop and responsiveness, whilst small zero camber sections at the ends help lift the contact points for a catch-free experience—ideal for the freestyle rider wanting catch-free stability and pop.

Boards: Capita Pathfinder Cambered

Park V2 Profile

Zero camber running through the centre of the board extends past the binding inserts for stability and pop. Rocker zones in the nose and tail allow for a catch-free ride and enhanced pressability. A true park and jib performer.

Boards: Capita Scott Stevens Pro, Capita Women's Space Metal Fantasy

Resort V1 Profile

The Resort V1 Profile has positive camber in the middle followed by a flat section after the inserts and small rocker sections in the nose and tail. This combination gives excellent pop and carving you'd expect from a camber board but without catching your contact points as much for a smoother ride when loading tricks—a versatile camber type for a wide range of riding styles and terrain. 

Boards: Capita Defenders Of Awesome, Capita The Asymulator, Capita Super DOA, Capita Ultrafear, Capita Women's Birds Of A Feather 

Resort V2 and V3 Profile

The Resort V2 and V3 Profiles combine positive camber to just outside the binding inserts and reverse camber in the nose and tail. Positive camber maintains edge control whilst the rocker in the nose and tail will reduce catch and help float in powder—a perfect camber type for all-mountain freestyle or a one board quiver.

Boards: Capita Mercury (V2), Capita Outerspace Living (V3), Capita Women's Paradise (V3)

Alpine V1 Profile

The Alpine V1 Profile combines positive camber through most of the board with reverse camber in the nose and a small flat section in the tail. This is the perfect choice for float in deep snow, ideal for all the freeriders out there.

Boards: Capita The Navigator, Capita The Black Snowboard Of Death, Capita Women's The Equalizer By Jess Kimura

Alpine V2 Profile

The Alpine V2 Profile has an S-shaped profile consisting of a low positive camber through the board with a reverse camber lift in the nose. This helps maintain the responsiveness of camber whilst maximizing float in powder. Compared to the Alpine V1 Profile, the camber runs to the tail, enhancing stability. It is the perfect choice for float in deep snow, ideal for freeriders.

Boards: Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro


Men's Snowboards

Capita Scott Stevens Pro Mens Snowboards

Scott "Sleepy" Stevens is one of the most creative riders around. He can and will jib, bonk, tap, slide, grind, one foot, no foot on just about anything. As you'd expect, his pro model is for all the jib and park riders out there. New for this year is a unique lightweight core that includes carbon fibre boosters in the tip and tail for increased power and response. For impact resistance, a layer of cork runs along the entire edge, helping protect you from side impacts. Featuring Capita's Park V2 Profile for enhanced pressibility and catch-free riding, this true twin board will be perfect for your next rail session.

Capita Ultrafear Mens Snowboard

A certified classic snowboard, the Ultrafear has been a favourite for many park riders over the years. This year the Ultrafear has a new Resort V1 camber profile allowing for great pressability and a fun ride, with extra pop, edge hold and power. Cork edge dampening and Carbon Kevlar placed in the shoulders enhance impact resistance without adding weight. No longer just a board for park rats, the Ultrafear can now take its freestyle roots to the entire mountain. The perfect choice for the park rider wanting a catch-free ride with the response and pop of camber or the freestyle influenced all-mountain rider.

Capita Pathfinder Cambered Mens Snowboard

The all-new Pathfinder is a softer flexing twin with a low-rise camber and flat zones at the contact points, meaning the Pathfinder camber will be playful in the park, hold an edge well and have plenty of pop. This the go-to choice for park and all over resort riders on a budget.

Capita Defenders Of Awesome Mens Snowboard

Before their recent closure, Transworld snowboarding magazine's Good Wood awards was the go-to for snowboard reviews. So the fact the Capita's Defenders of Awesome (or Capita DOA) won 7 consecutive awards speaks volumes. Described by Capita as a board for "park laps and everywhere else", this is a true all-mountain destroyer. The Resort V1 camber profile has mountains of pop and response whilst maintaining a catch-free ride. The core includes kevlar bound sidewalls and carbon fibre stips for extra edge control and response/pop without the excess weight. With an enviable reputation, quality beyond its price point and killer graphics, the 2022 Capita DOA is one to look out for this winter. The DOA also comes in a wide version; check it out if you have larger feet.


Capita Defenders Of Awesome Wide Mens Snowboard

See Above. 


Capita Super DOA Mens Snowboard

What do you get if you take the award-winning Defenders Of Awesome and supercharge it? The Super DOA. Capita pushes the envelope and delivers a board with the same great shape and profile as the DOA with a mountain of enhancements and technology. An extremely lightweight 3D core directs power where you need it and enhances responsiveness. Elsewhere, the base gets an upgrade to their exclusive HyperDrive Base for all the speed freaks. With A stiffer/more responsive ride than the DOA, the Super DOA is ideal for more aggressive all-mountain riders.

Capita The Asymulator Mens Snowboard

With a unique Twin/Asymmetrical shape, the Asymulator breaks the rules and redefines what a snowboard should look like. Based on the Spring Break Twin, the Asymulator features a large smooth radial sidecut on the toe-side edge while the heel-side edge has a tighter sidecut with "Death Grip". The asymmetrical side cuts accommodate differences between heel/toe turning and gives you the extra grip you need on your heel-side. The Resort V1 Camber profile keeps things lively whilst maintaining a catch-free ride. And with a mid 6/10 flex, this will be ideal for hitting bigger jumps and riding all over the resort.

Capita Outerspace Living Mens Snowboard

The Capita Outerspace Living combines a freestyle true twin shape with a freeride focused camber profile. This board follows Mercury's footsteps but offers a slightly toned-down cost-friendly package. The Outerspace Living is a versatile board that is equally at home in the park or the powder. The Resort V3 camber profile has positive camber in the middle with rocker in the nose and tail, giving the board the response and stability you'd expect from camber with the float and catch-free experience of rocker. The Capita Outerspace Living offers incredible value for the rider looking to do it all on one board.

Capita Mercury Mens Snowboard

The board of choice for icons Kevin Backstrom and Arthur Longo, the Capita Mercury is a performance packed workhorse that blurs the line between freestyle and freeride. And, it's topped off with a great black and white graphic. One of their most versatile boards, it's offering power and control when you need it and extra float when you want it. A directional shape combined with the Resort V2 camber profile retains edge hold yet reduces catch and provides float in powder. Compared to the Outerspace Living, the Mercury includes Death grip sidecuts, an enhanced core and a faster Hyperdrive Base. The sidecut includes a reverse arc in the middle, adding an extra point of contact (Death Grip) for better control when turning. The core includes Amplitex V-Tech Amplifier to keep the weight down, provide damping and keep things responsive. With a stiffness of 6.5/10, the Mercury is stiff enough for big lines and holding a solid edge, yet soft enough to be forgiving. The Mercury is the perfect one-quiver board for the intermediate to advanced rider.

Capita The Navigator Mens Snowboard

With a directional shape, parabolic sidecut, tapered tail and floaty rockered nose, this board is the perfect weapon for charging on powder days. The Alpine V1 directional camber profile combines with a longer, wider nose and shorter tapered tail for effortless riding on powder days. With this combination, rear leg burn will be a thing of the past. The core has been enhanced with inlaid cork dampeners in the nose for reduced chatter when riding in choppy snow, and the Quantum Drive Base will keep your speed high. The Navigator is the ideal freeride board for the powder chaser on a budget.

Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro Mens Snowboard

The Kazu Kokubo Pro is the pro model board for renowned and respected rider Kazu Kokubo. This board features a stylish wood grain topsheet with Japanese inspired graphics. The board has a compact shape with a powder nose and tapered tail making it perfect for manoeuvrability and tight situations. Yet the Alpine V2 directional camber profile and shape keeps the board floating in powder and give it a surfy vibe. With high-end construction and Capita's Hyperdrive base, the 2022 Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro delivers professional performance for the intermediate to advanced freerider.

Capita The Black Snowboard Of Death Mens Snowboard

The Capita Black Snowboard of Death is a legendary all-terrain, all-charging performance powerhouse. Featuring Capita's Alpine V1 directional camber, this board will have a stable poppy ride yet will float with ease in deep snow. The tapered tail also enhances float, whilst the Progressive/Directional shape includes a reverse sidecut arc mid-board for extra grip (or Death Grip as Capita calls it) and control in your turns. The core is stacked full of features, too many to list. But standout core technology includes Carbon Fleece Power Shield pads underfoot that enhance power whilst remaining torsionally forgiving, allowing for easy control in varied terrain. Toping things off (or is that bottoming things off?) is the exclusive Hyperdrive Base, making the board lightning fast. One of the most technologically advanced boards on the market, this lightweight, responsive board will be at home under the feet of any experienced freerider wanting to charge on powder, slush or groomers.

Women's Snowboards

Capita Space Metal Fantasy Womens Snowboard

The Capita Space Metal Fantasy is a standout women's park board and has plenty of awards and accolades to prove it. For 2022 the board has a fantastic graphic, bound to get plenty of comments on the chair lift. But it's the on-snow performance where this board really shines. The Park V2 camber profile is flat between the feet with rocker in the nose and tail, ideal for catch-free riding and exaggerating presses and butters. Whilst the softer flex is perfect for jibbing and rails. If you're spending your winters in the park, this is a great value option. Also, this would be an excellent board for less experienced riders and ladies starting.

 Capita Birds Of A Feather Womens Snowboard

If you're looking for a board with incredible graphics and the all-mountain freestyle performance to match, then this is the board for you. The Resort V1 camber profile combines camber in the middle, zero camber outside the binding inserts and reverse camber at the contact points for a responsive and catch-free ride. Further, this gives the board excellent pop and carving abilities but more predictable landings as you're less likely to dig your nose or tail contact point into the snow. The core includes Fortress Kevlar Bound Sidewalls and Carbon Fibre Boosters for extra control and power whilst keeping the weight down. With well-rounded performance and high tech construction, the Capita Birds Of A Feather is a great choice for park and all-mountain riders wanting to progress. The Capita Birds Of A Feather is available in a wide range of sizes and comes in a wide version for larger feet.

Capita Birds Of A Feather Wide Womens Snowboard

See Above.


Capita Paradise Womens Snowboard

The Capita Paradise is a mid-flexing freestyle board with freeride features. The true twin shape is perfect for park laps, yet the Resort V3 hybrid camber profile is floaty on powder days and maintains catch-free control. The flex is ideal for progressing riders, stiff enough to provide support when you want it yet forgiving when you need it. All this makes the Paradise a versatile board for riders at any level. So if you want a classy looking board to ride powder, the park and everything in between, this should be high on your list.

Capita The Equalizer By Jess Kimura Womens Snowboard

The pro model for Capita rider Jess Kimura, The Equalizer, is an all-mountain freeride board that Jess designed to be suitable for all types of riding. And the graphics on the 2022 Equalizer are outstanding. The Alpine V1 camber profile has camber underfoot, rocker in the nose and a zero camber tail, which combine to deliver a responsive/poppy ride and effortless float in powder. Not liking to limit herself to one riding style, Jess' pro board will be ideal for intermediate to advanced women who emphasise freeriding but want one board to ride everything.


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