2021 Union Snowboard Bindings Preview

2021 Union Snowboard Bindings Preview

2021 Union Snowboard Bindings Preview

UPDATE: Union snowboard bindings are in stock and ready to go. Shop in-store or online now.

Union has turned it up with an outstanding range of bindings for 2021. This season we will see many of the Union bindings we know and love return with upgrades, enhancements and new colourways. The big news this year is the complete redesign of the favourite Union Atlas. The new Atlas includes Union's strongest baseplate yet, and with an enhanced ankle strap, it is sure to become a must-have binding for all the all-mountain riders out there. As union upgrade and refine its range of bindings, you will see much of their technology filter down into their more budget-friendly options, meaning you get an excellent performing binding no matter your budget or level of riding. Some features and performance typical to most of their bindings included:

  • Excellent stance width options
  • Adjustable heel cups allowing for an excellent boot to binding fit and centring boot on board (heel to toe).
  • Excellent adjustability, much of which is tool-less.
  • Highly responsive and lightweight.
  • Excellent vibration damping.
  • Lifetime warranty on baseplates and heel cups.

Disk Type and Compatibility

Union has two main Styles of binding mounting disks in their bindings range. These will work with the majority of boards out there. The Atlas, Force, STR, Trilogy and Juliet come with Union's Camber disk, whilst the Flite Pro and Rosa have Unions Universal disks. Both Camber and Universal disk are larger and offer a precise edge-to-edge response and stable connection - ideal for a more all-mountain focused rider. The Mini Disk system found on the Falcor, Strata, Contact Pro, and Milan is smaller and has less contact with your board. Less contact allows for a more natural feeling flex under your feet, making them ideal for freestyle and surfy riding styles. Camber and Universal disks are compatible with 4x4, 2x4 and Channel board mounting patterns. Mini Disks are compatible with 2x4 and Channel board mounting patterns. Some lower price point boards or some (really) old boards have a 4x4 mount system, these are rarely seen these days, but if your board does have them, you'll need to stick to the Camber and Universal disks (see image below).

Union Camber (left) and Universal (right) disks are compatible with 4x4, 2x4 and Channel board mounts.
Union Mini Disks are compatible with 2x4 and Channel board mounts.
Board mounting paterns: 4x4 (left), 2x4 (middle) and Channel (right).

Men's Snowboard Bindings

Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings

Travis Rice is one of the biggest names in snowboarding, and thanks to video projects such as The Art of Flight, he has become a household name. So, it's no surprise he has his pro model binding with one of the best companies. Designed and ridden by Travis, the Union Falcor is an excellent binding for the Advanced/Expert snowboarder looking for a responsive all-mountain/freestyle Union binding. Whilst being very responsive, the Mini Disk mounting reduces binding contact with the board, which still allows for a degree of butterability when you need it. Duraflex CB baseplates are blended with carbon fibre for considerably more stiffness while remaining lightweight. Forged Hybrid highbacks include carbon for aggressive riding styles. Upgrades for this season include new ankle and toe straps designed for comfort and response.

Flex Profile: Stiff
Highback: 8
Baseplate: 8
Straps: 8

Union Falcor Ultra Snowboard Bindings - Blue - 2021Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings - Arctic White - 2021

Union Atlas Snowboard Bindings

Undergoing a complete redesign for this season, the Union Atlas is an excellent option for the Intermediate/Advanced rider looking for an all-mountain binding. The new carbon fibre infused Stage 7 Duraflex CB baseplate is the strongest Union has ever produced. The new lightweight Ankle and toe straps give a responsive and comfortable ride. The all-new Duraflex CB highbacks are stiff heel to toe for fast reaction heel to toe, yet offer good flex side to side (torsionally) when you want to tweak it out. New Vaporlite HD bushing remains responsive yet great at dampening out rough terrain. All in all, the Union Atlas is a great do it all binding for someone looking for a responsive all-mountain/freeride binding.
Flex Profile: Stiff
Highback: 7.5
Baseplate: 7.5
Straps: 7.5

Union Strata Snowboard Bindings

The Union Strata is one of the most popular Union binding models and is highly recommended for Intermediate/Advanced snowboarders looking to find the sweet spot between freestyle and all-mountain riding. The Fused Vaporlite bushing system is ideal for vibration damping. The Mini Disk mount allows for natural board flex underfoot - the perfect combination for all your butter tricks. Elsewhere, the ankle straps are similar to the Falcor. Still, the baseplate and highbacks are toned down with regular fibreglass instead of carbon fibre, meaning this is suited to a broader range of riding abilities. This middle of the range binding will be versatile for many riders and will work with a wide range of boards. You probably want the Falcor, but this is perhaps the binding you should get.
Flex Profile: Medium
Highback: 6.5
Baseplate: 6
Straps: 6

Union Force Snowboard Bindings

In the lineup for over 16 years, Union Force bindings are the go-to binding for all conditions, making this the ideal binder for the Intermediate/Advanced all-mountain rider. Upgrades for this season include new Exoframe 2.0 ankle straps (similar to the straps on last season's Atlas) for enhanced response and comfort. Elsewhere, compared to the Atlas, the Union Force has a slightly softer baseplate, and highback making these bindings more forgiving and friendly whilst maintaining quick response heel to toe. It is an excellent option if you want a solid all-mountain performer like the Union Atlas, but you're on a budget.
Flex Profile: Stiff
Highback: 6
Baseplate: 7
Straps: 5


Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings

The binding of choice for pro rider Scott Steven (see his Pro model version below), the Union Contact Pro is a must-have binding for Intermediate to Advanced freestyle riders. The mini-disk baseplate is soft and surfy, perfect for buttering and playful riding. The new Forma Elite ankle straps are padded for comfort whilst offering the ideal response for park riding and surfing the mountain. If you're a true freestyle rider looking to turn the entire mountain into a park, then the Union Contact Pro is a must-have binding.

Flex Profile: Medium
Highback: 4
Baseplate: 3.5
Straps: 5

Union STR Snowboard Bindings

Big on features, small on price - the Union STR is the perfect all-mountain binding for the beginner to the intermediate rider or the more advanced rider looking for something on the softer side. With less fibreglass in the baseplate and highback than the Force, this will be more flexy and forgiving whilst the traditional mounting plate helps maintain a responsive feel. The Exoframe ankle strap has minimal padding for a lightweight and responsive ride. If you're after a durable, high-performance binding on a budget, then look no further than this all-mountain workhorse.
Flex Profile: Medium
Highback: 4.5
Baseplate: 4.5
Straps: 6

Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings

The extremely lightweight Union Flite Pro is the perfect binding for Beginner to Intermediate freestyle snowboarders. The highback, baseplate, and ankle straps are on the flexible side of Union's lineup, making these binders ideal for jibbing, tweaking and buttering around the resort. Full of feature, this budget-friendly binding is an excellent choice for all aspiring freestylers and park rats.
Flex Profile: Soft
Highback: 3
Baseplate: 3
Straps: 3

Women's snowboard Bindings

Union Trilogy Snowboard Bindings

The binding of choice for professional rider Jamie Anderson, the Union Trilogy is equally at home in the backcountry or the slopestyle course. With similar features to the Union Force, the Union Trilogy has a women's specific design and flex for a responsive ride. New this season, Exoframe 2.0 ankle straps are lightweight, comfortable and responsive. So if you're an Intermediate to Advanced rider looking for a binding you can use all over the mountain, then you should be riding the Union Trilogy.
Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Flex Profile: Medium
Highback: 6
Baseplate: 7
Straps: 5.5


Union Milan Snowboard Bindings

For all the Intermediate to Advanced freestyle focused ladies out there, the Union Milan will be the perfect binding for the park or jibbing all over the mountain. Compared to the Union Trilogy, the Union Milan has a smaller mini-disk mount system. The mini-disk allows for minimal contact between the binding and board, allowing the board to flex naturally underfoot and is perfect for buttering and playful riding. The upgraded Fomra Elite ankle stape has the right amount of pillowing for comfort and control. So, if you're a freestyle rider or after a surfy/playful all-mountain binding, we highly recommend this binding.

Flex Profile: Medium
Highback: 4.5
Baseplate: 3.5
Straps: 5.5

Union Juliet Snowboard Bindings

The Union Juliet is the perfect choice for Intermediate to Advanced all-mountain snowboarders on a budget. Thermoformed EVA bushings do a great job of damping out vibrations when the snow gets rough. Upgrades for this season include the new Exoframe ankle straps, which are lightweight, comfortable and responsive. The overall flex is softer than the Trilogy, making this an ideal binding for less aggressive riders or someone wanting a more playful/surfy feel under their feet.
Flex Profile: Medium
Highback: 4.5
Baseplate: 4.5
Straps: 6.5

Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings

The Union Rosa is an excellent value entry-level binding, but it is still packed full of features and performance. Built with Duraflex baseplates and highbacks for a flexible and forgiving ride plus the Forma ankle strap is padded for comfort. If you're new to snowboarding or you're looking for a softer binding for the park, the Union Rosa is an excellent option.
Flex Profile: Soft
Highback: 3.5
Baseplate: 3.5
Straps: 3.5

Youth Snowboard bindings

Union Cadet Pro Snowboard Bindings & Union Cadet XS Snowboard Bindings

Union makes great bindings for all the young shredders out there. The Union Cadet Pro is a youth version of what you see in the adult line. With a softer flex and plenty of adjustability for growing riders, the Union Cadet Pro is perfect for all the up and coming riders. The Union Cadet XS is ideal for getting the younger ones off to a good start. Complete with proper ankle straps, toe straps and an adjustable heel cup makes these bindings the perfect choice for kids starting out.

Recommendations and More Information

Which Union bindings do we recommend? All of them, depending on your riding style and ability. Union has a great range of bindings to suit all ridings styles and ability levels. So if you get the correct binding, you're guaranteed to have a great day one the slopes. When buying new bindings, it is recommended you take some humble pie before you buy and get the binding that best suits your abilities. Do you need a carbon fibre highback if you're tackling green runs on front value? Higher-end (and priced) models have higher spec materials like carbon fibre, making them stiffer and more responsive. This is great for someone that needs it and can handle it, but it may be too much binding for less experienced riders. Likewise, if a binding is too soft, it might not offer you the control you need in steep exposed terrain where the loss of an edge could be dangerous. To help you navigate the range, we have included the Flex profile of each binding (1 = soft, 10 = stiff). As a general rule, a softer binding will be more playful and surfy, which suits freestyle and mellower riding styles. In contrast, stiffer bindings tend to be more responsive, ideal for all-mountain/freeriding and more aggressive riders.

Sizing Guide

When choosing bindings, it's essential you get the correct size for your boot. The table below is Union's size chart. Use it as a guide when selecting bindings. However, with so many boots manufactures out there, we recommend putting your (Clean) boot inside the binding to ensure a good fit.

Men's Size Chart

MONDO 24 - 25.5 26 - 28 28.5+
UK 5 - 6.5 7 - 9 9.5+
US UNISEX 6 - 7.5 8 - 10 10.5+
EURO 38 - 40.5 41 - 43 43.5+


Women's Size Chart

MONDO 21 - 23.5 24 - 25.5 26 - 28
UK 2 - 4.5 5 - 6.5 7 - 9
US WOMENS 4 - 6.5 7 - 8.5 9 - 11
EURO 34 - 37 38 - 40.5 41 - 43


Youth Size Chart

MONDO 17.5 — 21 21 - 23.5 24 - 25.5
UK 10K — 2 2 - 4.5 5 - 6.5
US YOUTH 11C — 3 3 - 5.5 6 - 7.5
EURO 28 — 34 34 - 37 38 - 40.5