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2021 Ronix Wakeboard Overview 

The new Ronix 2021 range is here and what an amazing line up Ronix have brought to us this season. Last year Ronix introduced "blackout technology" which is a secret construction found in the 2019/2020 RXT. This year we can find blackout construction in not 1 but 2 top of the range ronix wakeboards.

2021 Ronix RXT wakeboard

The Ronix RXT is back again for this year. Although nothing has changed besides a graphic update for this season, This is still the fastest and lightest board in the Ronix line. Full continous rocker with added speed walls gives the RXT the speed it is known for. The RXT is a stiff board so you can really attack the wake and land in the flats. This is made for someone that wants a fast and aggressive ride. 
2021 ronix rxt wakeboard blackout technology photot top and bottom

2021 Ronix One Blackout Technology wakeboard

The Ronix Timebomb has been in range year after year and has never let us down. Danny Harf's and Australian rider Nic Rapa's pro model board. The Ronix Timebomb has been one of our biggest sellers and now to this board with the Blackout construction is insane. These boys are known for going big and throwing down huge tricks. Full 3 stage rocker and stiffer layup makes the Ronix One Blackout explosive off the wake, giving you added hang time to land your next trick. 
2021 ronix timebomb blackout technology wakeboard photo top and bottom

2021 Ronix Supreme wakeboard

The 2021 Ronix Supreme wakeboard is built for ripping behind the boat but with a tonned down, softer cable board feel. To achieve a board that is both playful and aggressive they blended a paulownia wood core into the board. This core along with a hybrid rocker line gives you the perfect mix of pop and flex. I would suggest looking at this board if your coming across from riding cable or if you are after a board that is forgiving and playful. 
2021 Ronix supreme wakeboard top and bottom photo

2021 Ronix Parks wakeboard 

One of the most well known names in the industry Parks Bonifay. He has changed up his Pro model for this season and carried the golf ball technology throughout the entire base of the Ronix Parks wakeboard. If you are not familiar with golf ball technology, the board actually has dimples just like a golf ball on the base. This reduces friction to the water and glides like no other. Added surface area makes the board very stable. Abrupt continuous rocker to create so much speed towards the wake and break free, landing in the flats every time. 
2021 Ronix Parks Wakeboard photo top and bottom

2021 Ronix District wakeboard

Undoubtedly the most user friendly wakeboard on the market. This is our most demoed wakeboard simply because it works. The only board to feature a 3 stage and continuous rocker all in one. Anyone that hops on this board feels at home straight away. A very progressive shape that will work for anyone learning their first trick or landing something new. The perfect board to have in the boat for everyone. 
2021 Ronix District top and bottom wakeboard photo

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