2021 Capita Mens Snowboards

2021 Capita Mens Snowboards-Trojan Wake Ski Snow

For 2021 Capita has brought back some of its old favourites, and added some new shapes and features to some of their existing boards in their lineup. We're super excited to have some of Capita's top boards in store for Winter 2020.

Super DOA

Ride Type: All Mountain + Park
Flex: 6/10

Coming as one of Capita's flagship all round Mountain and Park boards, the Capita Super Defenders of Awesome has returned in 2021. Bringing back the same Super DOA shape, with all new added recycled integrated with strips of Poplar and Paulowia, creating an advanced hybrid wood core. The Super DOA features a still flex then is twin, the DOA. This allows for a more aggressive, faster riding board. Featuring Capita's Resort V1 Profile which combines the benefits of a traditional camber, zero camber and reverse camber all in the same board. This allows the Super DOA to have the pop and reponse of a cambered board, while still having the easy turn initiation and predictability of a reverse cambered shape. The Capita Super DOA will be the go-to for a high end performance snowboard that you can take from the mountain to the park.

Capita Defenders of Awesome

Ride Type: All Mountain + Park
Flex: 5.5/10

Capita's number 1 selling snowboard, The Defenders of Awesome, is back in 2021. New for the 2021 DOA is a Dual Blaster Ashpop Core. The Ashpop Core allows for a more dense, powerful core which is going to allow for extra durability and control. Featuring Capita's Resort V1 Profile which combines the benefits of a traditional camber, zero camber and reverse camber all in the same board. This allows the Defenders of Awesome to have the pop and response of a cambered board, while still having the easy turn initiation and predictability of a reverse cambered shape.  The Defenders of Awesome is also available in a Wide variant, which is available here.

The Asymulator

Ride Type: All Moutain
Flex: 6/10

The Asymulator is Capita's performance carving board. One of the main features of the Asymulator is the asymetical sidecuts, meaning the board has 2 different length sidecuts. A short sidecut on the toeside edge allows for a tighter toeside turn, allowing the rider to be more aggressive on their stronger side. The longer sidewall on the heelside of the board makes heelside turns easier to initiate, and allows for a faster transition from edge to edge. 

The Navigator

Ride Type: Powder
Flex: 5.5/10

If your heading into some deep powder you need to be sure you have the right gear. The Capita Navigator is perfectly suited for deep powder, with a reverse camber nose allowing for floaty nose keeping you above the powder. The camber then runs deeper in the tail into a zero camber flat spot underfoot. This allows for extra power under foot, letting you stomp your landings and keep on top of the snow.

Scott Stevens Pro

Ride Type: Park + Jib
Flex: 5/10

Capita's leading softboard. The Scott Stevens Pro is known for its extreme durability and versitility in a traditional twin tip shape. The Scott Stevens Pro has been enhanced this year for maximum snap and pop. This has been achieved with a redesigned in laid cork configuration, along with new Technora + Flax Struts, allowing the board to an increased energy output giving the board an explosive feel. This enhancement along with the  Wah-Pow Kick Technology make the Scott Stevens Pro the most snappy and explosive boards in the Park + Jib lineup. The board features a long zero camber flat spot which extends between the inserts of the board, right between the riders feet. This zero camber section then leads into a reverse camber section. This Camber profile allows the board to have a loose an playful feeling, making it perfect for the park. Dampening materials such as soft cork are then added under foot. This allows the board to absorb impact which makes the board more forgiving on the rider by reducing stress on the your knees and ankles.


Ride Type: Park + Jib
Flex: 5.5/10

The Capita Ultrafear is a Capita team favourite, as well as a 3-time Transworld Good Wood Award winner. The Ultrafear features Kevlar Titanal Body Armor gives the board a dense, durable core, as well as adding stiffness through the sidewalls. The added stiffness in the Ultrafear will allows the board to have extra rail feel and play, and will allow you to hit rails without having the board buckle underneath you. The Wah-Pow flat spot at each tip gives the board an explosive pop.


Ride Type: Park + Jib
Flex: 4/10

Coming in as Capita's softest park board, the Horrorscope is an easy to ride, extremely playful park board. The Horrorscope features a blunted tip and tail effectively reducing the swing weight of the board. The Horrorscope now features an extrended flat spot extended from insert to insert. This extended flat spot gives the board a loose feel allowing it to be playful at the park. This also reduced contact points which reduces the chances of a beginner rider catching an edge on the board. The FSC Dual Core gives the board extra response, adding power and pop to the board, as well as durability.