July 26, 2019 2 min read

We had our Team Skier Sir Billy Bastian give us his professional opinon on the 2020 Vapor

"The 2020 radar vapor has yet again surprised the waterski world with avant-garde ski design and edgy colour way that is sure to give you the professional look The 2020 designs allows the skier to build speed effortlessly behind the boat giving us time to set our position nice and tall into the buoy When you assert your position on the Vapor it will create an effortless turn sure to generate a plethora of angle look pro, feel pro and ski pro for 2020 summer season on the vapor collection"  

"The best materials wrapped into the best shape on the market."

The Vapor is Radars most advanced ski, it is everything a competition skier ever wanted, designed to perform between 32-36 Mph (52-58kmph). 

Now the wow factor isn't just in the shape but the materials used in this swerving machine. 

First off the core... Radar use a PMI core which is super high in density for strength but also super lightweight. You will find PMI foams used in Formula 1 cars aswell as in the aerospace industry and now even in your very own ski.

Complimenting your PMI foam core is textreme carbon fibre further strengthing the ski adding as little weight as possible. 

Innegra is added to soften your ride. Innegra acts as a dampener reducing the chatter on the water giving you the smoothest and most stable ride possible. 

When picking up one of the 2020 Radar vapors one of the first things you will notice is the wave like nose on the ski, This is called corflex. The materials used in the vapor make the ski extremely stiff and responsive, corflex creates a soft spot allowing the tip of the ski to flex and initiate a turn. 

Embeded into the Vapor is an NFC enabled chip allowing you to scan this and get the latest updates directly from your ski to your phone.

You will find all of this in the 2020 Radar Vapor hand made right out of the Radar lab in Seattle. 

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