2018 Tube Buyers Guide

2018 Tube Buyers Guide-Trojan Wake Ski Snow

Tubes Buyers Guide:

Coming into the 2017/2018 summer the Trojan crew is very excited about the new tubes that will be coming into store. We are very excited for the new tubes styles and colour ways. We are glad to say this summer there is a massive range and a tube for every purpose. So here is our guide which will help you choose the best tube for your personal situation.

Radar Tubes: We are excited about all the new tubes this year with great new colour ways and designs. Here is just a small staff pick selection that we are super excited about.


The afterburner is a new wedge shaped 3 rider 70”x64” tube and it is made to go fast. With a marshmallow soft top and tapered design, it makes for easy water entry. With the addition of side bolsters, it enables the riders to hook their legs in. This means more speed, more sliding and more fun. Perfect for everyone especially for your teenagers that want to throw their mates off.


With this new style with high sides and inflatable base you can have all the speed you want but also teamed with the secureness. A great 3 riders being 79”x92” for the family, great for kids but also good for adults. This is the true multipurpose tube.


A cool 2 rider donut style 64” tube. With the same high side technology as the tea cup and inflatable it is also another tube great for the whole family but in a smaller size. Great for use if you have a smaller boat or want to put multiple tubes out. Great 2 rider for kids as the high sides makes it secure but the donut style also lends itself to sliding and speed if the adults are desiring more.

HO Tubes:

Mavericks 4:

The biggest tube we stock! The traditional D shape style with side bolsters can’t beat beaten. This huge tube is great for the family whether you are towing or have it tied up to the bank for the kids to jump off it’s a great platform for everything. However, don’t let its size fool you, it can still perform at higher speeds and slides very well for its size.


The classic lounge style tube. With 3 seats and padded neoprene arm rests this large tube is comfortable and functional. Even a drink holder if you want to tie up to the bank and relax.

Call or email the Trojan crew for any questions about these all new awesome products!