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Korua Shapes Dart Snowboard
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Korua Shapes Dart


The Dart is inspired by classic retro powder shapes, but built with a modern twist. At first glance it has a very powder-oriented aesthetic, but the truth is it’s a versatile ripper for slaying turns both on and off-piste. The wide frame along with its setback and taper offers maximum float and relaxed riding experience in deep conditions. The extra width also reduces toe and heel drag, enabling deep carves on hardpack groomers. It’s the perfect shape for riders who are looking to focus on their turning style, while driving out of turns with speed in powder as well as on resort groomers.

Board Profile:


Our smooth FLOAT CAMBER curves into a rocker shape in the nose area creating an S-like shape. This design gives you the lift you need in deep powder, improving float while maintaining speed throughout the whole turn. It also offers response and stability when going for airs or simply turning in variable conditions.

Flex: KORUA-Shapes_Flex-Bar_Web_2200px-150dpi_7





Riding Level:


Size Guide:

This chart shows the range in what each size can handle. It is never our intention to categorize riders and their preferences. Our philosophy of snowboarding is to try new shapes, lengths, widths, and to keep an open mind for alternative riding experiences; however, we do have some limits to consider so that your board will work as it was designed to.

Your weight plays a major role in how the board will flex, and your shoe size will affect toe and heel drag when turning. The below size chart is for reference only, as our recommendations may vary depending on your stance and riding ability.

Size (cm) Max Boot Size (EU) Max Boot Sole Length (cm) Rider Weight Range (kg) Max Rider Height (cm)
140 41 29.6 cm 40 - 60 kg 168 cm
152 44 30.4 cm 50 - 80 kg 178 cm
156 46 31.4 cm 55 - 90 kg 185 cm
160 48 32.3 cm 65 - 95 kg 195+ cm
164 48 32.1 cm 65 - 95 kg 195+ cm



Length (cm) 140 (A) 152 (A) 156 (A) 160 (A) 164 (A)
Effective Edge (mm) 1050 (B) 1160 (B) 1200 (B) 1230 (B) 1260 (B)
Running Length (mm) 930 1030 1060 1090 1120
Nose Width (mm) 301 (C) 308 (C) 324 (C) 328 (C) 332 (C)
Waist Width (mm) 252 (D) 259 (D) 269 (D) 278 (D) 276 (D)
Tail Width (mm) 273 (E) 289 (E) 293 (E) 305 (E) 303 (E)
Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 8,1 8,1 8,2 8,6 8,6
Setback (mm) 20 20 20 20 20
Taper (mm) 18 19 31 23 28
Recommended Stance (cm) 54 55 55 55 55
Adjust. Stance Range (cm) 49-63 50-64 50-64 50-64 50-64
Board Weight (kg) 2,5 2,7 2,9 3 3,1
Flex (1-10) 7 7 7 7 7
Float (1-10) 6 7 7 8 8
Switch Riding Challenging Challenging Challenging Challenging Challenging
Rider Weight (kg) 40 - 60 50 - 80 55 - 90 65 - 95 65 - 95
Boot Size (EU) Bis ~ 41 Bis ~ 44 Bis ~ 46 Bis ~ 49 Bis ~ 49


Waxing your snowboard is essential. It will keep you moving faster (which is essential on those flat bits or cat tracks) and will prevent your board from drying out, thus extending its life. Waxing isn’t a one-and-she’s-done kind of thing—you’ll need to give your board a good hot wax from time to time. Exactly how often will depend on how much you ride it, but a sure sign that it’s due for a wax is if the base starts to look a little white and you feel like you’re going slower than usual on flat bits. Snowboards typically come with a “factory wax", meaning a wax that was applied in the warehouse when it was made. You can ride the board immediately with the factory wax, but most snowboarders agree that it’s way better to give the board a proper hot wax before you take it out on the snow. Before putting your board away for the final time of the season, be sure to have a storage wax applied to your snowboard.
Sharpen Your Board as Needed
Snowboards can be sharpened at a snowboard shop with a sharpening machine, or with a whetstone and file
Snowboard Bags:
Use a snowboard bag to transport you board around while preventing any potential damage to your board, boots, and bindings.
Boots and bindings:
Before riding, ensure your bindings are attached to your board firmly to prevent any damage at the contact points.
Exposed rocks and other hard, jagged surfaces are your snowboard’s worst enemy. Ride with care, especially early and late in the season when the coverage isn’t at its best.
If there are any minor gashes on your board, a fresh wax and buff and you should be fine, however any major defects with the board should be repaired or replaced prior to using.
Putting Away:
At the end of each and every day on the mountain, be sure to carefully wipe off any snow that’s stuck to your board. Don’t forget the crevices around the bindings; leaving excess moisture can cause metal parts to rust. At the end of the season, give your board a solid wipe down (especially if it’s covered in spring riding muck), dry it off thoroughly, and melt on a thick layer of wax—which you can scrape off at the start of next season. Store your board in a dry, cool place where it won’t get knocked around.



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