2015 RONIX El Von Videl Schnook Nu Core 2.0


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The softer, more conforming counterpart to our other high-end cable board, the Kinetik Project. This new El Von construction has more foam thru the center, and a lighter glass layup for added feel on rails.

The Yang to the Kinetik Project Yin. Last year, after all of our testing on our System 2.0’s at Lake Ronix, it was clear there was a division with our riders. Some riders wanted more spring, ollie, and just overall liveliness in their board. Others wanted a smoother, subtle ride, that will bend easier and more exaggeratedly to every contour of a rail. So we threw a ton of core steroids into one and called it the new Kinetik Project, and the other went on a strict diet of organic bean sprouts and wheat grass so we could bring out her sensitive side, and we called it our Nu Core 2.0. The El Von Videl Schnook, with her new slender NU Core 2.0 physique, still has the durability to take on any feature with our exclusive sintered base and Krypto cable, but will bend and form to rails like no other board we have tested. A new cable board that will have your local farmer pleased and give you a more exaggerated nose press. You might even get a discount at your local barbershop too.

• Nu Core 2.0 – More contact and feel on rails, with enough rigid response to flick off rails in the tip/tail.
• Concave Bottom Tips - Effortless ollies and more controlled presses.
• G&R Technology - Grip and Release channels have all the traction you need for boat or cable riding without creating unneeded resistance with the water.
• G&R Part 2 - side to side stability allowing a rider to control a flick easier at a cable park.
• Thinnest Profile - More feel for consistency on all types of surfaces.
? Sintered Base – The most durable non-stick base material we have ever tested on rails, and has increased glide speed on the water.
• 4 x Fiberglass 0.6” Free Agent Fins.
• Park board of choice of Massi.