Every year there seems to be a new Jacket that catches everyone eye and gets everyone talking. This year has been no different with a mix of prints and interesting materials defining this year’s ranges.

We have scowered the new ranges from all the big players in Life jackets and put together a list of our favourite Men’s Jackets of the year. Whether you’re unsure of what jacket to pick or are just looking to froth on the latest and greatest in Watersports you have come to the right place.

Here they are in no particular order;

2018 Follow BP

This jacket is on point year after year and this year is no exception. With a durable thick weave material this jacket not only stands out but will be extra durable. With subtle badging and BP Flair this jacket will not stay in stock long.

Check them out here

2018 BP Black

2018 BP Charcoal 

2018 BP Red


2018 Follow BP

2018 Jetpilot C4 range

The C4 Range has been a staple that has grown in the JP line-up. The C4 has prints and colours to suit all types of people. Our Favourites include the Teal CoryT Signature, the All Black Firefurr and Aaron Rathys Floral print. Try one of these on and you won’t look back.

Check them out here;

2018 C4 Rathy 

2018 CoryT Teal

2018 C4 Yellow 

2018 C4 Orange 

2018 C4 Firefurr

 2018 Jetpilot C4

2018 Jetpilot X1 Rapid Dry

Never put on a wet jacket again, The X1 Rapid Dry will give you a dry vest every time. With a firm fit and subtle graphic be the envy of all your friends in a Dry and awesome jacket.

Check them out here

2018 X1 Teal

2018 X1 Maroon 

 2018 X1 Black

 2018 Jetpilot X1

2018 Ripcurl FlashBomb

The Ripcurl Flashbomb has deep armholes for maximum flexibility, and Flashbomb liner make this a dry and comfortable fit in the most premium materials.

 Check them out here

2018 Flashbomb

2018 RIPCURL flashbomb

2018 KGB Control

The KGB Control has the most stretch out of any jacket in the range this allows it to fit all shapes and sizes firmly. With an updated graphic the jacket sure stands out.  

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2018 Control vest

2018 kgb control