Slalom skis have come along way from their humble begginings as planks of timber. While shapes have been refined over the years the progression of shape design and materials used has boomed in the last few years. Every brand is pushing the limits of what is known to be possible. The 2018 Ranges are including brand new flag ship shapes from HO and Radar bringing with them a new advanced world of skiing.

2018 HO OMNI 

Ho has been pushing boundaries in water skiing for as long as we can remember. They have always been at the top of the field bringing high end composite materials and evolutionary designs such as their clean edge technology. They have stepped up their game once again in 2018 with the introduction of their new Flag ship Cross over ski the 2018 HO OMNI. This ski will replace the TX and CX in one swoop collecting the entire crossover market and we aren't worried. This new ski can do anything you ask, it will turn on a dime, deep start every time and boost off the wake like no slalom ski has ever done. It is a perfect mix of width, rocker and edge design to offer a lightning fast ski that anybody can enjoy. It comes in three make ups from a standard fiberglass version at a very good price point all the way up to a fighter jet spec syndicate model with Full carbon fiber and PVC core to handle anything you can throw at it.

Check out the Omni Series Here -

Syndicate Omni

Carbon Omni




Since its inception Radar has been known for breaking ground on the finish and appearance of a water ski along with pushing boundaries on field leading tech and design features to keep them at the top.  The All new 2018 Radar Vapor has smoothed out the rails and rocker and added an all new design on the deck to reduce chatter. The Trojan team skier Billy Bastian is loving the completely upgraded Vapor provided with slick new graphic in red and man mint giving skiers a stable platform for smooth off side turns with seamless edge changes. Less is more on the Vapor as the new designs provides us with effortless angle out of the turn and controllable speed through the wakes.



 Senate Lithium:

The senate, Radars all purpose ski with Vapor technology built in. With the same shape as the Vapor but widened throughout. This makes the ski the highest performance social/course ski on the market. With an aggressive PVC course with carbon fibre this ski is the staple of acceleration and turning performance. The Trojan Team have skied this model on the river and also on the course and we couldn't believe how well it performed in both mediums. It was incredibly aggressive and fast on the river but also aggressive enough to run the course comfortably at 55kph. If your after something very aggressive but not quite ready for a competition ski this is the one for you.

Check out the Senate Lithium Here:

2018 Radar Senate Lithium


Evo Carbon:

The Evo Carbon is an exciting new ski for 2018. With the Evo shape coming out last year this new model brings a full carbon fibre version. The Evo's already great free ride shape enables you to jump and also cruisy turns effortlessly. With the addition of Carbon fibre it makes the ski stiffer and make all these already good points great. The addition of carbon fibre reduces tip chatter and makes it better in rough water. Also will make the pop of the wake more aggressive so you can jump further and further. The turns will also be increased in speed. The Trojan Team are very excited for summer on this ski.

Fluid Zion Carbon:

Affordable performance is what the Fluid Zion Carbon is all about. With a full PVC core and carbon laminate for a competitive price. You do not see these materials at this price range and the shape is a great all round slalom ski. The Trojan team have skied this ski and were amazed at the performance and how this ski rode. For the price you cant beat it.