Double up wakeboards

Double up wakeboards are designed for the individuals who seek out individuality. They are designed for those individuals who consider function over form. DUP wakeboards are made for individuals who would prefer riding for sheer pleasure than those who would buy into the noise spew from the crowd lining up at the dock. At Trojan WSS, we bring a classic collection of double up wakeboards to spruce up your wakeboarding experience. We want to make sure that you gain the most from wakeboarding and you have the right tools and equipment in place. Our wakeboarding gear and products are designed to make sure that you are a star of your own. Buy double up wakeboards from us and begin your journey to be a famous rockstar in wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding your own style

In wakeboarding, a double up is that short moment when you have two wakes forming a single wake. Usually, the forming single wake is, say, three times compared to a normal wake and sends the wakeboarder higher than it happens in regular air tricks. A double up, therefore, can launch a pro wakeboarder over 20 feet flying in the air. There is a unique sync combination of the wakeboarder and the driver in a double up situation. So, double up is an exciting manoeuvre in wakeboarding and requires a lot of timing, training, and coordination between a boat rider and the boat driver.

So, the Double Up wakeboards brand tends to bring out the amazing skill combination of the boat driver and the wakeboard rider.  DUP wakeboards are designed to maintain balance, steadiness, speed, power, and larger waves.

Great manoeuvrability

Wakeboards should ensure manoeuvrability so that the riders can enjoy their riding experience. DUP wakeboards come with features that allow manoeuvrability in the air. A wakeboarder will have a thrilling experience as they are thrown high in the air, but will be able to keep their wakeboard in position for a great landing experience. Double up wakeboards make your riding experience a fun moment with rare moments of excitement when the wakeboarder makes their riding tricks.

Innovatively designed wakeboards

Double Up wakeboards bring out flex patterns that can work for behind-the-boat wakeboarding as well as cable riding. You also find that Double Up wakeboard offers the traditional foam core featuring grind base or without the grind base. Be the Scotty Wilkings, Scotty Green, Antoni van der Adams, or Scotty Broome by buying your own DUP wakeboard. Choose from a wide collection of double up wakeboards in Australia. We sell quality wakeboards from top brands and we strive to make our customers get the value of their money. The wakeboards come in different sizes and feature different designs to allow you to choose the right one that suits your level of wakeboarding.

Contact us today Trojan WSS to find out what options of double up wakeboards we have in stock. We ensure that you have a smooth, buying experience with us as we present our products vividly so that you can choose the right one. We are a leader in selling wakeboard products in Australia, so we want you to walk with the wakeboarding leaders. Buy DUP wakeboard at Trojan WSS and have a truly amazing wakeboarding experience.