New-Born & Infant Life Jackets

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New-Born & Infant Life Jackets & Vests

These infant life jackets have been approved for use on a boat in Australia. They include a crotch strap to give a snug fit and some provide neck support. The jacket can come in a range of colours to suit your preference. When picking an infant Life Jacket it is important that the jacket is not too big or ill-fitting as they can be a danger when in use. 

Do Baby Life Jackets need a collar ?

Not all baby life jackets will have a collar and some don't need them, the best way to decide if you need a collar is if the baby is old enough to hold there head up and move around a collar can be annoying. If there is a high risk for ending up in the water a collar is the safest option but if you are just using the life jacket as a last resort and don't plan on anything dangerous you can forgo the collar and be a lot more comfortable. 

At what age can a baby wear a life jacket?

A Baby can wear a Life jacket at any age and they need to wear a jacket at all times on a boat until they are 12 years old in NSW. 

Can Infants go on boats ?

There is no age limit to go onto a boat, for baby you want to ensure you have a vest that fits and isn't going to come over there head. We sell many with crouch straps or neoprene comfortable safety seat. 

Check out our range online for all the latest colours and designs to have your baby looking fly on the boat 

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