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Life Jackets & Water Ski PFD’s Vests

PFD Life vests are the foundation of any water sports activity. With a range of styles, brands, colours and cuts Trojan WSS will have a life jacket to suit you. Carrying extensive ranges in Men’s, Women’s and Youth jackets in PFD 2 and 3 whether your water skiing, jet skiing or wakeboarding there will be a vest for you.

With brands like Jet Pilot, Follow, Rip Curl and KGB. Trojan WSS has the highest quality vests with an incredibly diverse range. Choose from tight fitting Pro Cut Follow Vests, or Infant 0-2 Jet pilot Kids vests Trojan has a jacket for everyone. A comfortable PFD can dramatically increase the enjoyment of your day on the water and make you look stylish as your riding by.

For added interest Trojan stocks the latest in PFD technology such as Ripcurl Quick Dry so you never put on a wet vest and Jet Pilot Fire Fur jackets to keep you warm. No matter what price range or performance level you are looking for Trojan has the perfect fitting jacket for you.

Picking the right Fit

When picking a Personal Floatation Device that have to fit very tight when they are brand new, when you try them on you should be stretching to zip it up. This may feel a little tight and uncomfortable but once you are in the water and use it a few times the jacket will stretch and it should be the perfect fit. If you buy it too large to start with once it gets bigger it will move around on you and can become a safety hazard.

Shop online at TROJAN WSS and take advantage of our extensive knowledge and expansive range, we have a PFD life vest for everyone. Enjoy fast and free express shipping from TROJAN WSS across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

What age is required to wear a life jacket?

In NSW anyone under the age of 12 has to wear their jacket at all times, when being towed an approved jacket needs to be worn. If the driver is the only person in the boat they also need to be wearing their PFD vest. It is always best to check with your local maritime authority on local rules and regulations


Trojan offers an expansive range of designs, colours and technology. large varieties for men, women and youth to make sure you receive a jacket that not only keeps you safe but also keeps you looking stylish when out on the water.

Along with Life Vests we also stock a wide array of Waterski Tubes , Kneeboards, Double Skis , Wakeboards 

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