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At Trojan we sell Comfortable and Safe Kids Life Jackets made from the best materials available online or instore be sure to check out our fit guides to ensure safe fitting

Kids Wakeboarding Vests & Life Jackets

At Trojan WSS, we understand how important your little ones are. That's why we stock one of the best ranges of kids, infant and babies life jackets in Australia. If you're on or around water, a life jacket (also called a life vest or PDF) is one of the essential boating accessories you need to own. Our range of kids life jackets come in different colours, sizes and fits suitable for kids of all ages from infants, toddlers and up to teens.

Carrying a massive range of Kids life jackets means that you have unlimited choice in colour and style. Whether you need an infant Life Jacket with a Collar or a vest for an aspiring waterskier/wakeboarder, or just a Fresh design to get your child excited about the boat, you will find what you need at Trojan WSS. With the safest brands available such as JetpilotFollowRipcurl, Ivy and Wavelength, TROJAN WSS has high-quality vests for every purpose. 

The Right Fit 

When selecting a child's life jacket, you want to be sure that it has a firm fit with a bit of room to grow. An oversized life jacket can be a safety hazard. When a kid jumps/falls into the water, an oversized jacket can rise as the child sink's reducing or eliminating its effectiveness. To avoid this and to allow for growing kids, many of the infant life jackets we stock have adjustment panels on the side. Also, infant vests (sizes 4-6 and below) will have an under the leg strap, which will stop the jacket from rising too much.

Another thing to consider is the shape of the jacket. You will notice that some jackets like the Ripcurl Life Jackets are a slimmer fit suitable for taller and thinner body shape. The Follow Life Jackets tend to be a wider fit which is great for someone that is not too tall. 

Standing Out on the Water

You will notice that many Kids Jackets are super bright and colourful so that when they are behind the boat or out swimming, they are easy to spot by you or any other boats passing by. To keep the fun levels high and the kids excited to get on the water, you can also get some super cool designs, such as the face on the back of the Jetpilot Cause Jackets.

Understanding Saftey Ratings

When buying a life jacket for your child (or anyone for that matter), you must understand ratings and ensure you get an approved jacket for your particular needs. The Australian Standard for Lifejackets (AS4758) sets out lifejacket ratings in Australia. At Trojan WSS, we only stock lifejackets approved to meet the criteria of this code. However, some of the different PFD types can be confusing, and many people still remember the old "PDF type" labelling, so we summarise the main types below:

  • Level 150 – a new level of PFD and suitable for offshore use.
  • Level 100 – similar to PFD Type 1 and the minimum requirement for offshore use
  • Level 50 – similar to PFD Type 2
  • Level 50S (Special Purpose) – similar to PFD Type 3

For most use's behind the boat, a Level 50s or Level 50 is suitable. If you plan on going offshore, then level 100 or 150 are required as these have extra levels of safety. We often get asked if a Level 100/150 is better to use than a 50 or 50s, but this usually isn't the case for watersports. When you are towed behind the boat or playing on tubes, a level 100 or 150 life jacket can be pretty uncomfortable as their offshore design can restrict movement. The level 50 and 50s jackets all float you to a safe level and are much more comfortable to wear and use for these purposes.

Men, Women and Teens?

Trojan has an extensive range of life jackets with sizes and styles to suit just about everyone. Most important is the fit of your life jacket. But, here at Trojan WSS, we understand that style matters too. That's why we stock one of the best ranges of men's life jackets and women's life jackets, so you'll be sure to find a style, size and fit that's perfect for you.

The TROJAN WSS advantage

TROJAN WSS has leading brands, great prices, and friendly customer service. Combining reliable customer support with comprehensive product knowledge means you can shop with confidence when buying your next kids life jacket. Our dedicated team share your passion for boating and watersports and are actively involved in the community.

TROJAN WSS offers free express shipping Australia wide for all orders over $99 and easy returns options. From Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne to outback Australia, you can shop from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

TROJAN WSS is the trusted Australian name in snow and water sports equipment. If you're looking for your next kid's life jacket, men's life jacketwomen's life jacket or any other kind of equipment for fun behind the boat, please browse our product range or contact our friendly team today.

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