Hyperlite Cable Wakeboards

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Hyperlite Cable Wakeboards

Hyperlite has been in the business longer than just about everyone. Hyperlite put their success down to their engineers, athlete team and loyal supporters working together to push the sport and equipment forward. As a result, Hyperlite have a reputation for making some of the best wakeboards for the cable park.

For this season, Hyperlite has introduced 3 new cable wakeboards, endorsed by Lisa Baloo, Graeme Burress and JB O’Neill. The Hyperlite Pleasure Wakeboard was a favourite amongst cable riders the world over due to its softer flex and narrow profile. So, Hyperlite worked with Lisa to develop a women’s version called the Hyperlite Aries Wakeboard, with a refined flex and smaller sizes, this board is a must have fall all the female shredders. With JB O’Neill’s YouTube popularity and incredible riding, it was only a matter of time before he got his own pro model. Enter the Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard, in his own words JB says “From flexy tips for pressing with ease to a large surface area for stabile landings, the Free Press is easily the most fun board I have ever ridden”. Last, but not least, the Hyperlite Blacklist Wakeboard signature model from Graeme Burress combines a clean base with bevelled edges for catch free riding on the water or obstacles… or concrete, trees, rocks, bricks and anything else Graeme can find next water as he winches his way around America.

Some of the features you’ll find on the Hyperlite Cable Wakeboard collection include engineered wood cores, sintered bases for smooth rail riding and urethane sidewalls for impact protection. All this makes a Hyperlite Cable Wakeboard bomb proof for ripping around your favourite Wake Park. Also, they have a diverse range of cable boards to suit every style of riding imaginable.

Picking the Right wakeboard for you

Picking the right Hyperlite Cable Wakeboard can we difficult with such a diverse range of options, luckily, the team at Trojan have experience on the full range of Hyperlite cable boards so we can give you advice on choosing your next board. If you’re new to cable wakeboarding or you’re a seasoned rider, the team at TrojanWSS can give you the right advice allowing you to have a fun day at your local cable park whilst progressing your riding to new levels.

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